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claudiarylieSurrey , B.C.Since February 24, 20121 Review
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Stonegrill @ the Met4820 Kingsway, #259, Burnaby
Long road to disapointment
Submitted Friday, February 24, 2012 - 2:45pm [Dine in]

I had been here before but assumed that it was just a one off bad experience because the waitresses were distracted with decorating for Christmas.. However, I was very wrong. We stood at the entrance, very confused as to what we were to do for a few minutes until we were hollered at by a waitress to come into the restaurant. If you have ever visited the Stonegrill before, you likely noticed a long hall or an entrance. At one end stands a lonely hostess desk, at the other end, stands the restaurant. Which can be very confusing as it isn't posted weather you are to seat yourself or wait there.

When we were seated, we asked to be moved, which was our own choice. The waitress reluctantly moved us. I picked up the drinks menu and my fingers became covered in a sticky film, which I informed the waitress of upon her return. She did bring us another one and asked if we would like any drinks, my boyfriend ordered a beer and she ran off to get it, without even asking me if I would like a drink!

We scanned the menu and noticed huge jumps in pricing, anywhere from eight dollars to thirty. We opted to simply go for a burger as we wanted to get back to our shopping. We called her back (as she didn't come back on her own, all four of the staff seemed to be chatting away by the bar not paying attention to anyone but themselves.) I ordered my drink right off the bat so that she couldnt leave and forget me this time and then my boyfriend and I ordered the lamb burgers.

The burgers came out very quickly and looked to be frozen patties covered in grease between two discount buns, snuggled up against a single lettuce leaf and one slice of tomato (taken from the end!) I simply thought to myself, well you get what you may for I suppose, and reached for a fry. The first fry was amazing, the seasoning that they use is very nice.. My second fry however was cold and spongy... I waved over the server and let her know that some of my fries were cold... She grabbed our plates and tried to take all of the food away. I informed her that the burger was all right and that perhaps she could bring a side plate before taking our food away... She held on tight to our plates before figuring out what I was asking.

When she came back with the side plates she informed us in a very unfriendly tone that I was wrong and that the chef said that the fries had just come off of the grill. Here is the thing, I have worked most of my life in a restaurant. You do NOT tell the customer what the kitchen says, the customer is ALWAYS right, even when they are wrong. Its a simple " I am very sorry, I will get that fixed right away."

My poor boyfriend was sitting nibbling at his fries with an empty beer glass in front of him the whole time as she was telling me off.

Eventually the fries did come out,all fresh and every one of them was piping hot and delicious.

I should let you know that this is a mall venue and I hadn't expected amazing food, I was polite to the young woman the whole way through the meal service. What bothered me most was the lack of personal skills and the lack of serving skills shown by every one of the service staff working that day. Their manager should put more time into training his girls. Its not that they were horrible, I think that they just simply didnt know better which can really rub guests the wrong way.

This place has the potential to be great, the location is cool, it has its liquor license... But they just blew it with lousy service and mediocre food.

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