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chmuaBurnabySince February 20, 20171 Review
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Genji Japanese Restaurant7533 Market Crossing, Burnaby
awful service
Submitted Sunday, February 19, 2017 - 5:15pm [Dine in]

I was so excited that there was a sushi restaurant so close to the place I just moved into...it's a shame it has such bad service.
I came in and sat down and there were only about 6 other people in the restaurant.
I waited nearly 5 minutes before the server finally brought me a menu, almost 5 more minutes until he came back to take my order after turning and looking at him several times.
I only ordered two items a mango avocado sushi roll and an order of a supreme veggie tempura (or at least a similar name).
My mango avocado rolls came fairly quick and I finished those thinking they'd bring the tempura out shortly after. I also finished my green tea pretty quick as the servings for tea is barely larger than a 1oz shot glass. Couldn't get the waiters attention to get more tea even though at this point there was probably only about 8 people in the whole restaurant. The waiter seemed extremely flustered by this small amount of people as if someone was yelling at him in the back.

30 minutes after ordering I finally get my tempura, and I accidentally knocked my sauce on my leg and the floor so after not being able to get the waiters attention again I walk up to the cash register where someone is paying for their order and just say sorry to interrupt but I spilt my sauce and I need more napkins to clean it up, he hands me one small napkin to use...I use the one napkin he gave me to try to clean it up and I finally look at the tempura and realize it's not even what I ordered. I ordered a tempura that was all veggies, it even listed the special veggies that would be included, none of those were in there but there were lots of prawns. So again I walk back up to the cash register where the waiter is standing ignoring his customers and I tell him this isn't what I ordered, I ordered the supreme veggie and this has prawns in it. He says there are no prawns in the supreme veggie, and I say I know that's how I know it's the wrong order, if you don't believe me you can look at the plate you brought me. So he goes over to look and says oh I guess this isn't the right order and takes the plate and says nothing else.

At this point i'm hungry, i'm annoyed and I just wanna go somewhere else, so I tell them i'll pay for what I ate as I don't want to wait another 30 minutes for the right tempura. Then this guy comes flying out of the kitchen and gets angry and starts badgering me about when I ordered it and that I must have ordered the prawn one and not realized it. I just tell him that I just want to pay for the mango avocado rolls I ate and go. As i'm paying for it I can hear him speaking in another language to the server and saying i'm lying over and over.
How can it be such bad service when there's only 9 people in the entire restaurant? Also it was nearly 5 dollars for just a mango avocado roll, if i'm gonna pay that much it should be much better service than this.

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