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changopeludowest end, vancouverSince May 11, 20111 Review
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Poncho's827 Denman St, Vancouver
Never eat at Ponchos if you like good food.
Submitted Wednesday, May 11, 2011 - 4:12pm [Dine in]

I was looking forward to eating at this place since some friendo told me it was a good restaurant. I got really dissapointed, it is one of the worst mexican food restaurant i've ever been to. The worst place in Vancouver is Tacos Mexico Rico, Poncho's is second worst, food is bad and overpriced.
I am Mexican and i feel ashamed by the food in this restaurant. Although most of the dishes are typical from Mexico, they mix things that are not typical on the same dish. They don't cook with fresh ingredients, salsas and food are made with tomato paste or puree straight from the can. Tomato is a staple in mexican food. Cooking with canned tomato is a disgrace to mexican food.

First, we had the complimentary chips and salsa. As other reviewers said, chips are bad chips straight out of the bag. Salsa was from a can, or made with canned tomato and not fresh.
I had Ceviche and Camarones a la Diabla. They shouldn't even call ceviche to that dish, cooked frozen shrimps with some ketchup and lime. The Camarones a la Diabla were made with a mix of canned tomato paste, and bottled hot sauce. In Mexico you usually have rice as side dish for Camarones a la Diable, they put some potato with onions, and to make things worse, a salad with italian dressing!.
My wife had beef Fajitas. Although Fajitas is not a true mexican dish (just as Nachos, they are not authentic mexican!), we do appreciate good fajitas. They rubbed the beef with some spicy mix (may be they bought it at Super Value or some cheap superstore), and the beef was very dry. The put rice as side dish, they sprinkled the same spicy mix on the rice. My wife thought the rice was the best thing in our dishes, so, you can imagine the quality of the food. The Guacamole was a lot of onion, some tomato and a few chunks of oxidated avocado.

The last nail in the coffin was the Churros we had for dessert. They were fried in very very old oil that was already rancid, and the center of the Churro was not cooked. They were not edible.

I think the success of this restaurant relies in the bohemian atmosphere of the place. They have a person singing and playing the guitar, and the owner (i was told she was the owner) also sings. The owner is an ok singer, and the guitar player is a bad singer (not terrible, but bad), yet they build a kind of nice atmosphere, but that's not an excuse to sell terrible food!

I would never recommend this restaurant to anybody!

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