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castermancanadavancouverSince February 5, 20092 Reviews
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Sophie's Cosmic Cafe2095 W. 4th Ave, Vancouver
Fun for the eyes not for the stomach
Submitted Monday, April 6, 2009 - 7:44pm [Dine in]

Walking into the cafe you are captivated by the neat assortment of quirky memorabilia but after receiving the order thats when reality sinks in.
To say im a little disappointed with the diner is an understatement, years ago the food served for breakfast was fresh, good sausages, etc. Not this time, the eggs in the menu 3 eggs, try two of them. I asked for scrambled i got dry fry chopped and greasy, the sausages were the cheapest frozen pork sausage and overcooked, the pancakes tasteless. It came quickly but id trade quick for quality anytime, cutting corners to maximize profit and overcharging at $12 with tx.
I speak with a fair amount of experience I was a cook for 15 years, this is a sure fire way for a past successful business to become unpopular, clients don't forget or forgive. I wont go back!

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Peaceful Restaurant532 West Broadway, Vancouver
Not peacefull at all
Submitted Wednesday, February 4, 2009 - 10:23pm [Dine in]

My wife and I went to this restaurant because our usual place two stores west was full. At the start we should have left there was no one to seat you so we sat ourselves even getting our own menu and the service. We asked about a dish and he writes it up like were ordering it, after three times he finally took it off the order feigning ignorance.The food arrives in OK time but there is very little to it, three pieces of micro thin pork, vegetables that were barely there just lots of noodles and no taste at all. This is a $9 dish after a couple bites we cant eat it, so we ask them to make it better. They take it away in the meantime our crispy pork buns arrive, crispy try so hard on the bottom that we couldn't cut it, enter the fried noodles order, more like water noodles in a tasteless soup with no vegetables and pork .
That was the last straw, my wife spoke to the waiter, as we are both cooks we told him this was just no good and couldn't eat it. Take out for the buns and we don't want the fried (soupy) noodles. We get the excuse that the cook is new, and the bill for $17.95. Were hungry still and were being forced to pay for this below sub-standard meal.
Places like this take advantage of peoples good nature, and could not exist if it were not for the neighbor offering similar sounding food, great service and value, there should be a law against these predatory practices. Not recommended what so ever!

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