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cashuuMission B.C.Since February 18, 20131 Review
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Yummy House33082 1st Ave, Unit A, Mission
Don't do it!
Submitted Sunday, February 17, 2013 - 8:53pm [Delivery]

This place used to be in Superstore and when it was there they had rather good food. The spicy pork was easily the best I've ever had. However, now that they've moved to First ave it has gone down in so many ways. A couple friends and I ordered a combo of four with chow mein noodles, beef and broccoli, deep fried shrimp, and lemon chicken. Also a combo of two with more chow mein and spicy pork. An order of wonton soup and dumplings on the side.
SO, to start we waited over an hour before calling and asking where our meal was.. They said they had just left so we waited another 20 minutes until it finally arrived. The total they gave us when we called was 28 dollars. The lady who delivered gave us a different total of 30$. The delivery lady looked very sloppy and almost homeless. She didn't have any change on her or so she said, and seemed very offended when I didn't give her a tip. So that gave gave them a 2 for service.
The food... was horrible. I didn't have very high expectations because I had heard they went down in quality but this was insanely bad. The noodles were soggy, cold and just bland tasting. The lemon chicken was a grey colour and actually just tasted like lemon soap. The beef and broccoli was obviously sitting in a dish under a heat lamp for a long time. It was mushy and also soggy. The spicy pork, again...soggy and old tasting. However it was the least horrid of all the food. Wonton soup had all kinds of vegetables that I know shouldn't be in a wonton soup. Pea's and celery for example. What took the cake for horrible was the dumplings. I don't even know.... what we ate. It had hard clumps in it, way too chewy, soggy and old tasting...again. This was the first time I threw out more than I ate. This is all why the food got a 1.

So in conclusion I highly recommend to anyone thinking of trying this place, don't. Just don't do it. This was hands down one of the worst meals I've had. Bad enough that I took the time to create an account just to warn people of Yummy House.

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