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CareyLadysmith, BCSince December 2, 20141 Review
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Dragon City328 Esplanade, Ladysmith
Submitted Tuesday, December 2, 2014 - 12:12pm [Dine in]

Hunger is a great sauce, but not even hunger could combat the poor taste Dragon City will leave in your mouth!!

I am not big review writer, and confess that unless its exceptionally fantastic or horrendous I generally don't contribute, however the experience at this establishment was so bad I feel it would be a public disservice not to take the time to review.

Not generally being of negative persuasion I will start with the only positive comment I can give on on this establishment, and that is the server was great! Clearly this was a testament of her own personal ethics,and not promoted by her workplace. She was clearly embarrassed at the lack of standards and constant customer service insults with which she was shackled with being the bearer of. Having a personal long history of working in both positive and negative food and beverage service industries, commended her on all of her efforts.

So lets start with the food....VILE , absolutely, the very WORST food I have ever been served. Three of us were dining, one chicken curry, one chicken balls and one beef chow mien.
I had the chicken balls, which arrived as a plate of batter containing a ratio of about 4%chicken to 96% batter (actual assessment, not exaggeration for effect), in an attempt to mask the grease balls I attempted to dip into the accompanying "sweet and sour" sauce which couldn't begin to compete with the grease. I can't recall the exact price, however when ordering as it had been ~$10 I had only considered as in my ignorance I figured it might actually contain some chicken.
The chow mien was a plate of salted mush, that may have potential in de-frosting winter road surfaces, but as a food source for human consumption, you are joking right?.
The chicken curry...where should I begin! First off, my cousin who was ordering is admittedly a picky eater, and as such requested it without veg, the server having placed order to kitchen was sent back to inform us that as we were having no veg it would cost more, $18 to be exact. This seemed a bit odd, as we weren't requesting extra chicken (in which case understandable)which we explained,cue our servers return to kitchen to verify and embarrassingly being sent back to tell us as it was being changed the increased price of $18 remained. As it was one of the few things on the menu my picky accompanying diner likes to eat we proceeded. What arrived on the plate was shameful! The only word that can be used to describe it is inedible! Watered curry sauce and chicken scrapings.

Now remember, we were hungry hunters, so we tried to choke down a few bites using the rancid tasting water to attempt to cleanse the slime from our alimentary canals, however after a few attempts the consensus was reached that McDonalds was looking good. So with all 3 plates almost full, our server politely squirmed to avoid the "was everything ok?" and cringed as she asked the inevitable "would we like it to go?" We politely declined and referenced its poor taste, to which,with the proprietor sitting by the pay-station, we were promptly issued a bill of over $60 (prior to tip).

Now lets move on to the atmosphere. We have to accept partial responsibility here, as on a weeknight when entering a quiet local business an hour and a half before their closing time and asking if we could get a table (where only 2 others were occupied) and it feeling like an inconvenience we really should have reconsidered and gone elsewhere. However the pantomime that followed was nothing short of shocking! Now don't get me wrong the mediocre decor, and low budget diner style table/seating and generic lighting had us under no illusion that we were in for a high end experience (but it was cold out, we were hungry, we were happy to take it as it was). Sure, I recall my serving days when the end is in sight and any measure to get out the door on time is actively pursued but instruction from the top to begin the vacuuming as a server places food in front of 1 of only 2 groups of paying customer with over an hour left to close is something that should be reserved for a slap-stick comedy who's purpose is to be "a dummies guide of how NOT to food service" or an ironic take on promoting food hygiene!

A recent new resident to Ladysmith I find it such a shame that in a beautiful community, where supporting local businesses is a core fundamental value to so many that a business like this exists on a highway that so many use. For those who are passing through, know that this is NOT what Ladysmith is about! In my personal search to find honest reviews on local businesses in the area I have not found a huge number of review in my regular searches of Urbanspoon, Yelp, Google Review, Dine Here, so I endeavour to start updating (shorter!) accounts as I check out the area. For now my best advise re Dragon City is keep going!

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