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camelia13Vancouver, British Columbia, CanadaSince August 1, 20112 Reviews
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4.5 (4.4)
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Nando's Chicken590 North Park Royal, West Vancouver
Quick, Delicious, and Reasonably Priced
Submitted Sunday, July 31, 2011 - 7:48pm [Dine in]

I fell in love with Nando on my first visit. :-) It is a clean, beautifully decorated place. This is the place where I always go when I don't have much time at my disposal, but I want to eat some quality food. And when don't I want to eat well? :-)) Their chicken is just fantastic.

I usually like to try many things on a menu, but in this place, for some reason, I always pick the same thing: the double kebab with a side of salad and one of yam fries. This is my usual dish, and every time I leave with a smile on my face, a full stomach, and a small "to-go" bag. :-)

The girls who work there know me by name and I feel they treat me as a friend. I feel a warm atmosphere every time I go there. The food comes fast at the table, and disappears fast as well. :-))

I am happy I found Nando's. It is on my list of favorite places to eat.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Transylvania Flavour2120 West Broadway, Vancouver
Submitted Sunday, July 31, 2011 - 7:24pm [Dine in]

I have heard about this restaurant through Groupon. I cannot believe that I live only 10 minutes away from this little Food Paradise, I walk by almost every day, but I have never noticed it. Anyway, now I know about it, and believe me, since I discovered it last month, I became one of the frequent customers of this restaurant. This is a small restaurant, specialized in Romanian food, family owned and operated. The owners are Romanians, husband and wife, and they really make you feel like home.

I decided to try each and every dish on the menu. :-) On my first visit I started with the Knight's platter. I went there with a friend of mine and even if we were starving, we were not able to finish everything. The best thing on those platters are the sausages and the cabbage rolls. This is real home made food, I am telling you. We did not feel we were in the restaurant; it was like we hired a private chef to cook for us only. :-) The lady who was serving us was very attentive and charming. She gave us a very nice "tour" of the platter, explaining what each of those items were. Oh... let's not forget the polenta, a small delicacy made of corn.

On my next visit I tried a full version of cabbage rolls, and my friend tried the Chicken a la sibiu. Wow! What a treat! Even now, when I am writing this review, I feel the nice aroma of those cabbage rolls. :-) I am not exaggerating. Didn't it happen to you to think of the ocean and all of a sudden you started to feel an ocean breeze coming towards you? Well, I am really not really a writer, but you get the point! The owner of the restaurant told us that the cabbage rolls are made by her mother, following an authentic Romanian recipe. For many, this might not mean much, but for me, whose cooking skills don't go too far from making a sandwich and a salad, that meant I was in the heaven of cooking. There are not many things out there, better than homemade food, cooked by your mother. I think I am safe to say that I found an adoptive mother... and my mother for sure won't feel bad for my choice. :-)

On my last visit I stopped by for dessert only. Well, this is another long story to tell. :-) I did not know what to choose, and I asked for advise. I asked if there is a "knight's platter" of desserts. Of course I would like to get a small sample of everything. There was not such a thing on the menu, but the owner took a custom order; she brought us small samples of all sweet items on their menu. Well, maybe not all, but quite a few. I only remember colors: green, yellow, and brown. Have you ever thought that basil can be used as a dessert? If not, think twice! That green color that stayed in my mind comes from basil. The name of this dessert I do remember: "La vie en vert." Well, ladies and gentlemen, la vie en vert might be better than la vie en rose. Just give it a try! :-)

I kind of wrote a long review and in case someone is reading it, and gets to this point, this are my last words (I promise): go there and you will not regret it! :-)

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