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Big-tipperLangley, B. C. CanadaSince December 14, 20092 Reviews
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2.5 (2.5)
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Galini Greek Kouzina & Grill19475 Fraser Hwy, #101, Surrey
Good Greek Fare.
Submitted Monday, December 14, 2009 - 3:11pm [Dine in]

This is my regular Greek food haunt now that I don't have Greek neighbours anymore. Those were the good ol' days...
To be honest, there are some nights when they seem to have the junior staff only and there are careless mistakes in the cooking but don't let that be your only determining factor.
The service is always good or better. Friendly staff that will get to know you quickly.
The food is usually quite good and the portions will definitely leave you full if you manage to eat it all in the one sitting. The multiple courses with the pauses in between really makes the evening pass quickly.
The ambiance is a little noisy and can be cool but if you are willing to wait you can usually get a booth which can make a noticeable improvement. I always sit next to my other half on the same side of the table when I can.
I always thought the prices were reasonable considering the other factors, and now that I have just been to another place for a company function I am very happy with the costs.
They even added a menu item just because we always needed to ask for it.
For an enjoyable meal and good value this is the place to go. Just keep it to yourself so it doesn't get too crowded/busy.

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  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Stefanos Restaurant315 Columbia St, New Westminster
Big party rip-off
Submitted Monday, December 14, 2009 - 2:39pm [Dine in]

I have started using this site as a resource before trying new places but the appalling experience this weekend has triggered me to create an account just to share the experience with others.
Stephanos was the destination for the Company Christmas Party this year. 30+ guests booked in. They placed us around 2 separate tables right next to the dance floor. So talking at the table was impossible and even getting the attention of associates at the next table was inconceivable. Due to the current economic situation each of us was asked to pay half of the cost of the meal which included 2 "drink" tickets. $25 each.
The fixed menu offers a few choices but nobody bothered asking what our choice of appetizer might be. After being seated for about 30 minutes and while attempting to get the attention of ONE of the servers a plate was just dropped on the table between us. We had to ask the server 3 times to move it or take it away with her uncaringly responding that there was "more coming" and "Don't worry about it" before we were able to communicate that it was triggering an anaphalactic reaction in the wife due to the seafood. We are unable to touch it, or the plate it was served on ! The server just stood there looking shocked. Finally the person next to us noticed and quickly moved it away. This sort of incompetence and indifference is truly alarming. Luckily the wife was able to recover after a while.
They took orders for the main course. I decided to keep it simple and selected a "mixed" souvlaki of beef & chicken while the wife picked the lamb dinner. Between the wife, the person next to her and the one next to me there were a few minor alterations ordered for the greek salads. (One no cheese, one no bell peppers, one easy on the onion.) After 30 minutes they started serving. Between the four of us only I got some feta cheese, all had almost no onion, and only the person who asked for no peppers had the one piece of a pepper.
The main course arrived slopped entirely together on one plate. The greek salad dressing flows into the mushy overcooked potato and under the rice. The combined taste of lemon and vinegar was gut wrenching. The gooey overcooked vegetables at the far end were saved from the tanginess of the dressing but that left them completely flavourless and disgusting. The lone skewer of meat with three pieces of dry cardboard chicken and three pieces of >SURPRISE< beautifully cooked beef was far short of expectations. Both the wife's and her neighbour's lamb meals were large chunks of fat and the meat was greasy. Their rice/potato/salad was from the same vat as mine and was equally disappointing.
There was no choice in the desert, which was haphazardly dropped in front of us more than two hours after the start of the dinner. Again the servers were confused when we tried to explain that due to food intolerances (allergies) we were unwilling to eat them. Every time another server brought one they would put it in front of us and we would have to pass it down ourselves. (One guy ended up with 4 in front of him.)
About this time the wife had a sore throat from all the yelling to the person beside her and as she had finished her second glass of wine (I was charged a drink "ticket" for my iced tea with dinner even though I told them I was a designated driver and would drink no alcohol.) we called it a night. I wanted to pick up something to eat on the way home.
As the online info states the meals are $15-$30 I find that $25 for the meal I ordered would be overpriced even IF IT HAD BEEN FANTASTIC nevermind that I ate it all, despite the shortcomings, and left hungry. The company was charged $50.(Usually $15 or less out Langley way.) What a SCAM.
There are many other Greek restaurants out there that serve better sized portions with SERIOUSLY BETTER QUALITY for a better price ! Do yourself a favour and visit one of them.
STAY AWAY from Stephanos !

But recommend them to people you don't really like.

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