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biatchpotpieuh....borderline point greyishSince February 18, 20055 Reviews
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3 (2.8)
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Whip Gallery, The209 E 6th Ave, Vancouver
ummm should i go first?
Submitted Tuesday, December 6, 2005 - 2:46pm [Dine in]

the service here on saturday was totally uncalled for -our group was mature and laid back having a few pints to celebrate our friend's birthday. We didn't ask our attending staff member to bend to outrageous demands nor did we berate him in any way, no one was aggressive or drunk..

There was no reason for him to treat us with such contempt. I even tried to lighten his mood with a little joking and friendliness (for my friend's sake-I didn't want him to ruin her birthday) but he was still so foul. I don't want any apoligies, i don't want anyone to boycott, I just want to say the attitude really cast a dark fucking cloud on our evening. Maybe this place doesn't enjoy the patronage of anyone but their regulars..if so we are sorry, we won't bother you again.

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Kibune Sushi1508 Yew Street, Vancouver
i don't know from sushi but.....
Submitted Tuesday, November 8, 2005 - 10:45pm [Dine in]

seriously.. getting take out is no reason for these guys to treat me with such contempt.... im sitting on a chair by the door with a bottle of cold campogrande orvieto paperbagged in my lap prepping for a me night and the lady at the cash is painfully ignoring me.. i stand and wait for her to look up from her frantic number crunching -while the place is empty, save for 1 table- to place the order. i feel like ive imposed myself and immediatly sit down and cross my ankles. i wait.. feeling ashamed. several times the hostess whips into her kiosk with a white bag- no visual que, but i raise to my feet and advance to pay..she keeps her head down, i step back and sit... this choreography repeats at least 3 times and my thighs are becoming pretty sore. Im going to nail these guys on dinehere.. i pay and leave.. so what if there's a picture of freakishly toothy goldie hawn above the till beaming with her kibune bento... i feel so cheap. im so angry i rip into my hiro makki. It's still just barely warm from freshly palmed rice and steaming crunchy tempura prawn but then cool from firm generous slabs of fresh avacado-grown on their own potted trees which you are invited to paruse i understand from a sign into which i burn uncomfortable holes while waiting for a visual que from ice hostess...i cant believe it... its amazing. buttery and crisp in the proper respective places...it tastes less generic...almost homemade if i might be permitted the gall to say.. and the gomae.. oh my..so good.. its pressed into delish spinach cylinders and burried in heaps of sesame seeds.. very little oil if any used..whether or not its proper, it tastes so fresh, nice non limp texture... i love it this way i decide.. and at $2:50 a serving, it's galvanized into my food repetoire forever... kits sushi is two doors up...trust me on this one: walk the extra 20 feet. i've had both and despite the residual shame of being a cheapo solo take out patron.. i gotta side with goldie..

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Wink Cafe151 E 8th, Vancouver
*wink*wink* nudge-nudge
Submitted Thursday, August 4, 2005 - 4:12pm [Dine in]

serendipity aplenty tucked into the little nooks of the insular garment district in the mount pleasant main cambie broadway triangle. Noon bells bring sleepy eyed factory workers and artists alike into the streets and to the thresholds of local heartwarmers like Lark, Arora Bistro, the chopping block and new baby bro Wink Cafe.

Owned and operated by a collective of pneumatic hearted artists-cum-culinary kittens, Wink is charming times two. Vegitarian is the word, soft spoken is the delivery, no ethical dogma here: I relish my cherished diet coke chemical burn and the Winkies provide. FINALLY. Not like that fur coat incident at foundation. yeesh.

Interior hand painted graphic frescos and sandblasted structure create a warm atmosphere with a cool basement temperature complete with couchy-not stuffy-devans and jury rigged table tops with exposed extentions..

The menu represents: from fusion coconut lime currie and miso bowls, to typ. veg fare: cream soup and humous (try yummy almond roasted mushroom) to tidier pub fare: nachos, self- dictated pizza and tapanades. My favorite being the simple grilled pear edam baguette with greens and passionfruit vanilla vinegarette. With diet coke..= about $9. Pricy yes. BUT you pay as much and more at other places and it's well worth the intimate food prep and extremly kind genuine propriters who actually care about the product. Seriously. once even renouncing a tip because of a botched calculation, and another time whipping up a fresh batch of vanilla vinegarette (during lunch rush) because they detected my super subtle dissapointment with the alternative equally tasty orange sesame.

Don't let the scant display case fool you, these cats have tricks up their sleeves. I hope they keep adding to/rotating their menu. looking forward to a matured dinner offering...stay tuned and visit the website.

in conclustion: beer on tap. strawberry balsamic pudding. proprietress has cute shoes-always.
Thank you and good night.

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King's Head, The1618 Yew Street, Vancouver
deadly screech wha?
Submitted Tuesday, March 22, 2005 - 1:31pm [Dine in]

go for the screech (dirty amber rum)-
stay for the bathroom grafitti:
"ladies, don't sell yourselves for a louis vutton bag and a ride in an SUV"


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Coast1054 Alberni Street, Vancouver
thank f for dine out vancouver...
Submitted Thursday, February 17, 2005 - 8:00pm [Dine in]

...otherwise I'd have to reconsider my fathers assertion that money buys happiness. You know the one: become an engineer, take a sensible job with good benefits in a shitty suburb of a decent city, marry someone with secure finances and a healthy respect for the RRSP..

now see, ive already buggered the first three but the marrying money thing did in fact re-enter my head whilst chewing my itty bitty crabcake at coast...if I could have this everyday..I could give up love, love gets stale! but this rainbow trout... with fresh fennel hearts.... and spicy green beans: the young speedo wearing pool boy for sure.....

nothing overdone. superb restraint.

(this is when I began to get envious of my neighbour's moroccan spiced australian lamb sirloin with black olive red wine reduction) I traded forkfuls. it was amazing. tender and deeply flavorful- must try for lamb fans. no hideous mint jelly here.

I was skeptical: tiny portions. but the sum of all parts was so satisfying without the post ingestion sluggishness of the de rigur rich food thing.

in terms of ambiance i was less impressed.... it was too bright and the waiters were obviously out of work actors.. one kept touching my arm. I'll need those little thrills when I'm shacked up with my boring purveyor of expensive tiny crabcakes.

don't overdress.

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