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bgirlVancouverSince November 23, 20087 Reviews
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Seasons in the ParkWest 33rd & Cambie, Vancouver
Call me 'Arrabbiata' after a not so merry dinner!
Submitted Saturday, January 17, 2015 - 3:07am [Dine in]

The Italian word 'arrabbiata' literally means 'angry'. In culinary terms, it refers to a spicy tomato sauce. Pasta with arrabbiata sauce has always been a favorite, simple classic (and safe) Italian choice for me. However, this was not the case on the night of our company Christmas dinner last month.

I was looking forward to an exceptional meal, given the fine dining venue and based on prior positive experiences at this restaurant.

The evening of our dinner was a miserable night of monsoon-like heavy rain. Getting to the place wasn't fun and they don't have a covered area for the valet parking. The road and area in front of the restaurant is poorly lit at night. Once inside, with my soaked shoes, the place was unpleasantly loud from people speaking very loudly in an effort to be heard over the cacophony of combined noises. That I could understand, as it was the pre-Christmas period when many company functions are happening in the city's restaurants.

I was not happy with but understanding of the slow service and the poor location where we were seated. They were booked beyond capacity. Our round table was placed in the pathway of all the servers and was very obviously not normally in that position. They had clearly added some tables to accommodate more diners because of the pre-Christmas rush. We were between the tables along the windows and the inner row of tables. Throughout our dinner wait staff squeezed past our chairs and it was disruptive and made me want to eat and run. It was not a relaxing atmosphere and it was very hard to hear the people at my table.

The view of Vancouver at night was spectacular, despite the rain. If the place had not been so noisy, it would have made for a beautiful, relaxing backdrop. Also not fun was the presence of diners who brought small noisy children. One doesn't expect 'family restaurant' ambience in a fine dining venue...

Their menu does not have many choices for non-meat-eaters. I decided on the Penne Arrabbiata: roasted eggplant, spicy tomato sauce, crumbled goat cheese. I felt it was a 'can't go wrong' choice and I've always loved the simple tomato sauce enlivened by the addition of chili pepper flakes. As I was late joining my group, they had already been served drinks. My companions were drinking red wine and the waitress promptly tilted the bottle over my glass but I told her I prefer to drink white wine. She didn't look too happy that I 'had to be different'. She went away and I waited for my glass of wine. And waited. And waited. I waited about 20 min to finally get my glass of white wine, this, after trying to figure out who our server was and trying to flag someone down to ask them to investigate the whereabouts and ETA of my glass of wine. I figured that possibly the heavy rain had impeded the harvesting of the grapes and the pressing etc...

It was clear the waitress had forgotten about my wine and once I asked about it, she returned in minutes with a glass. The service remained uneven. Almost everyone else received their entrees while 3 of us had to wait for our food to arrive. It took quite a while to get our entrees.

I could see at a glance (being an experienced pasta cook myself) that the Penne was not properly cooked. I like my pasta al dente but these penne had barely had time to get their feet wet in the pot of water...At a restaurant of this caliber, I would expect them to make fresh pasta but they don't. This was dried pasta and I could not believe how underdone it was! It was still hard in the middle. Basically inedible. So far the evening had not been a winner, between the horrendous long commute in the pouring rain, squelching through rivulets of rain to get inside the place, the excessive noise inside it and the 20 minute wait to get a glass of wine, while all my companions sipped away at their beverages.

The waitress didn't come to check how everything was for some time. During this time I attempted to eat my barely cooked meal. I had not had lunch that day and was really famished. The rigid penne sat in a small puddle of tomato sauce, which didn't have much flavor, certainly it was missing the heat from the chili peppers that make regular tomato sauce an arrabbiata sauce. I love eggplant and the menu's promise of 'roasted eggplant' had persuaded me to order this dish, even though eggplant is not really included in a classic arrabbiata sauce (the classic eggplant/tomato sauce is 'alla Norma'). I guess they can legally claim this dish has eggplant because I did find a few fragments, which combined would aggregate to about 1 Tablespoon. Whoa...that's alotta eggplant-a! The little scraps of eggplant were not evenly cooked, some were falling apart and others were still a little hard. The 'crumbled goat cheese' was more like a very, very light dusting of white, which made me wonder how they got it dispersed so thinly, given the clumpy sticky nature of fresh goat cheese. I'd say there was perhaps a total of 3 tablespoons of sauce, eggplant fragments and ghost of goat cheese. Not what I'd call good value for a $19 pasta dish. What I'd call a total rip-off, actually.

As the penne were inedible, I scraped up the bits of sauce and hoped that would fool my stomach into thinking it had been fed a meal. While I was scraping away, the waitress finally made her rounds at our table asking how our meals were. I told her mine was undercooked. She gave me 'the eye' and said "you mean it's al dente' and I said, 'no, it hasn't gotten to the al dente stage yet, it's hard, undercooked'. She offered to take it back and I told her no thanks, I'm starving and I can't wait for a re-do, I'll just eat the sauce (what tiny amounts of it were there). I never send anything back for a re-do, having heard way too many insider horror stories of what happens when you send food back when you're not satisfied. I didn't want to be served something possibly with an extra 'mystery' ingredient, if you know what I mean.

A few of us ordered dessert and I was pleased to see they still had the Sunburnt Lemon Pie on their dessert menu - I'd tried it years ago and I remembered it was delicious. It didn't disappoint. It was delightfully tart, with the thinnest burnt sugar crust and two fruit coulis (the passion fruit was fantastic). I was still so hungry after the non-meal and could have eaten 3 of these slim wedges of lemon pie! This dessert is a winner and I can see why it's still on their menu. It's perfect and very light & refreshing. This dessert I would rate a 4 - Outstanding but as I'm really reviewing my dinner ie my entrée, I have to give that the rating it deserved 1 - Poor.

I wouldn't recommend coming to this restaurant when they are booked to capacity. Too loud and service suffers. I've had lunch and dinner there at more normal times and the service and food were more consistent.

Skip the Penne Arrabbiata. What does that say about a chef - not knowing how to cook dry penne pasta?? I know what Gordon Ramsay would say and so do you...

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  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Milestone's Grill & Bar2966 W. 4th Ave., Vancouver
Not a milestone
Submitted Thursday, September 12, 2013 - 2:22am [Dine in]

We went to Milestones last week as a couple of other places we wanted to go had long lineups, so I suggested we try Milestones as it's a large restaurant and chances are we'd get a table quickly.

I'd had good meals there before, nothing outstanding but good solid meals. So we got seated right away. Our waiter was quite an entertainer. I ordered the Milestone's California Spring Salad and the Crispy Calamari Strips appetizer. The salad I was served looked very sad, wilted and appeared to have been tossed with too much dressing. Even the strawberries had a macerated texture. Not sure if the salad was made then sat around waiting to be served. Things were not better with the "Crispy" Calamari Strips...what a misnomer, they were overly thickly battered soggy strips of undercooked calamari. Really bad.

I don't know what's happened with this place but it used to serve reasonably good food. This time they really struck out.

My friend ordered a burger and got a burger so charred it resembled a piece of charcoal. She asked them to re-do it but it came back only slightly less burnt. She found the burger tasted very greasy and not good at all.

Disappointing meal, the only bright spot was our entertaining waiter but that does not make up for the bad food. We're striking this Milestones off our list....

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Naam, The2724 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver
No Na'am, never eating in this dirty hole again
Submitted Thursday, September 12, 2013 - 1:54am [Dine in]

Over the years I had heard of the Naam and numerous friends recommended I try eating here as I am a vegetarian. I had been a bit hesitant as drive-by sightings of this place had put me off - it looked like an unkempt dive. In its current state, I suddenly realized what the place's exterior reminded me of...with the creeper growing over most of the frontage of the restaurant, it looked as thought it might not be out of place in Tolkien's Shire. I fully expected to see small, furry footed pointy-eared folks inside...

On Sunday I let myself be persuaded to try the Naam at last. My first impression was of a run-down, rickety place that had a dirty unswept floor full of debris and a general air of lack of cleanliness. I really wanted to back out of the 'adventure' at this point but as my friend was keen we go there, I went along with it.

The service is casual and not particularly attentive. I did not like that the staff did not have a more professional dress code. People were dressed in all kinds of outfits, whatever they like to wear, clearly. I don't particularly like to eat in a place where there are staff with mohawks and both arms sporting 'tattoo sleeves'.

We were handed grubby menus and brought lukewarm water in unappetizing worn plastic glasses. I couldn't drink mine, not out of a glass that looked like that. I also prefer water with ice in it.

The menu is extensive but though I do not eat meat, it was hard to find something that actually appealed to me. I saw plates arriving on various tables that looked appetizing so I hoped the food would be good. I decided to try the same item my friend ordered, a Veggie Burrito, with mushrooms, zucchini, onions, green peppers, tomatoes, yogurt, melted cheese and salsa, served with a green salad. I selected a lemon thyme dressing for my salad.

Our meals arrived within a reasonable time frame. They were served on plates that were full to the rim so it made eating them, without dropping food all over the table, very challenging. They need to serve them on larger plates. The Burrito was a brownish tortilla covered with a thick layer of melted cheese which was drooping over the edge of the plate, almost touching the table. It was bulky looking and the salad was large, consisting of chopped lettuce, finely julienned carrots, what appeared to be raw beets, a pile of sprouts and topped by a slice of unripe tomato and a slice of unpeeled cucumber.

Though it was difficult to begin to eat the overcrowded plate, my friend and I dug into our Burritos. My friend commented it seemed to be filled entirely with large chunks of onion and I have to agree. Seemed to be mostly onions, a few scraps of mushroom, zucchini, traces of green pepper and a few fragments of tomato. The taste was nothing to rave about, it was just OK but once the Burrito was cut into, one had a soggy mess on the plate. There was too thick a layer of cheese melted over the Burrito.

Both my friend and I found the green salad had a peculiar taste, I ascribed it to my choice of dressing but she had a different dressing (poppyseed, which she said was watery and not much flavor) and also found the salad had a strange taste. She managed to eat her meal but I left half my meal as it wasn't enjoyable at all.

Very disappointing experience. The service is lacking as well but the worst is the dirty condition of the front of the restaurant so that makes one have uneasy visions of what the back, and hidden, parts such as the kitchen must look like. I wasn't brave enough to use the bathroom - this always being a reflection of the overall cleanliness of a place.

My friend commented she had been to the Naam a number of years ago and that the menu had changed since that time and that she used to have these fantastic meals back then...well, that was not what we had this time. Neither of us enjoyed the meal and it was disappointing.

Won't be going back, it was uncomfortable eating my mediocre meal in this dirty restaurant.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Burgoo4434 W 10th Avenue, Vancouver
My stomach died and went to heaven
Submitted Wednesday, September 11, 2013 - 10:37pm [Dine in]

I had been curious about Burgoo and tonight decided to try it for dinner. I had not eaten much at all today and was quite ravenous. The place charmed me right away with its cosy décor and I was pleased to see it was very clean. Nothing more off-putting than a grubby unkempt look. It is a small, intimate place, with a few outdoor tables. Part of the appeal for me was the quiet West 10th Ave locale, only a few blocks from the UBC gates.

The place was busy but we were given a table right away. The service throughout was friendly, attentive but not obtrusive.

When the server came to take our drink order I was undecided so she mentioned the draft apple cider was the special (Wednesdays). I don't care for the taste of beer and my experience with cider, many years ago, was the unappealing Grower's Cider brand, which I remember as very sour and not really tasting of the fruit it was supposedly brewed from. This Foundry Apple Cider was delicious! Not overly carbonated, not too dry or sweet, just right and tasting very strongly of apples. Wonderfully refreshing on a muggy summer evening. And at $5 for the large glass, a really good deal.

I had been avoiding white bread (and cholesterol laden cheese) for some time and when I perused the varied menu, I kept coming back to the Gooey Cheese Grillers (two grilled, angle cut, house baguette sandwiches with melted Mozzarella, Gruyere, Emmenthal and white Cheddar), which comes with a choice of side salads. I opted for the tangy coleslaw, which was very lightly dressed, crisp and a refreshing balance for the cheesy baguettes. The sandwich was to die for, perfect crusty, grilled baguette bread with just the right amount of melted cheese to stick it together. Perfection. The portion was large so even though I was very hungry, it was more than enough to fill me up.

My friend, who wasn't as hungry, opted for the hummus and flatbread appetizer, which she pronounced delicious and commented only good manners were preventing her from licking the plate clean. She had the Cesar side salad which she said had a bit too much pepper for her taste (she is not big on spicy foods). I loved the fact that they have pepper mills at the table, which I used liberally on my coleslaw, being a pepper lover.

The menu had so many delicious sounding items that I can't wait to come back and sample some more, especially the desserts - too full today to try one but I'll be back!

Great restaurant, good service, great food and in the peace and quiet of West 10th Avenue. There is a Burgoo on Main St but that area is still seedy and not appealing. I'll stick to the west side.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Poor Italian Trattoria & Ristorante3296 East 1st Avenue, Vancouver
3rd Strike...never coming back.
Submitted Wednesday, December 7, 2011 - 1:59am [Dine in]

This evening our manager took us for an 'appreciation dinner' to show her appreciation of our work over the past year. She asked for suggestions and I mentioned Poor Italian, as I know she's a fan of Italian cuisine as is another of my coworkers and it's not too far from our workplace. I had been to this restaurant on two prior occasions. The first time, a few years ago, it was a group dinner and I had ordered a seafood linguine, which wasn't seasoned at all (though the linguine were cooked properly) and had little flavor. The only thing I really enjoyed was the warm bread which was really tasty, with plenty of olive oil in the focaccia. I thought this was maybe an off night for the chef and that he just forgot to season my dish. It can happen. The others in my group seemed satisfied with their fare. Service was OK.

I tried this place again when I took my father out for dinner, last year, as he likes Italian too. My dad had a pretty average looking carbonara (not really a rocket science dish which is easy to prepare) and I ordered a salad for myself which was quite mediocre. Service not so stellar and rather inattentive (ie we were left sitting there with dirty plates)

This evening was my third visit, as my manager and coworkers were game to try this restaurant. We had reservations for 5 pm. Given that it was a Tuesday night, I was surprised at the bad table we were given. It was right at one of the entrance points to the service area (kitchen) so I spent the entire time with a view of the kitchen. It was also chilly and drafty. Not sure why they stuck our small group of 5 there when there were other places to put us and the place did not fill up by the time we left at 7:30.

This is not a good place to dine for someone who has dietary restrictions ie if you do not eat meat, seafood and dairy, there is very little to choose from. Even a dish that could be prepared without meat ingredients such as the daily soup special of asparagus broccoli soup, was made with chicken stock and cream. I cautiously settled on gnocchi in a tomato sauce, as my only alternative choice, mushroom risotto, was made with (yep, you guessed it) meat based stock. I say cautiously because gnocchi are a tricky dish to make. I know good gnocchi .

I was served an enormous plate resembling a flying saucer, which had a hollow filled with a rather small mound of gnocchi (having skipped lunch, in prep for our dinner, I was disappointed at the small portion). Presentation was nonexistent - it was your basic piled up gnocchi with smears of tomato sauce; if it was supposed to have something green as a contrasting garnish (ie parsley or basil), I didn't see any sign of it.

Another of our party also opted for the gnocchi. I tried my first one and found it undercooked. The first few millimeters were cooked and the interior was like raw mushy gnocchi dough. I thought, hmm, maybe it's just one that didn't quite cook long enough. So I tried 4 more, all had the same nasty raw doughy texture. The sauce was very bland, underseasoned and nothing to rave about. Bland was the overall impression, other than the unpleasant texture of the undercooked gnocchi. The other diner who had ordered them found them to be the same, mushy. Neither of us was thrilled with our choice and gave up eating it. When the staff was alerted, a rather menacing large man came over - I don't know who he was, he didn't identify himself to me so not sure if he was the general manager. He loomed over me and attempted to lecture me on what gnocchi are supposed to be like.

Maybe he gets away with this attempt to intimidate and 'persuade' diners who are not happy with their gnocchi when the diners are not very familiar with this particular pasta type. I happen to have eaten heavenly gnocchi at home all my life. I wouldn't expect restaurant gnocchi to match up to my mamma's (exept perhaps in a truly top restaurant with a stellar chef) but I would expect them to be cooked, at the very least. These were not and a few minutes went by while the large man tried to persuade me these gummy, raw disasters were supposed to be that way. At length, seeing we were not willing to choke down the raw gnocchi, they were taken away and we were asked whether we wanted more gnocchi (a tactless suggestion). My friend opted for the lasagna and I asked whether they could make me spaghetti aglio olio. I figured they couldn't mess that up as it's one of the simplest of pasta dishes.

My friend's lasagna was to her satisfaction but from the moment I saw the plate of spaghetti, I knew by their appearance that I wasn't going to be able to eat my second choice of entree either. One of my group had ordered a seafood linguine and I could see it was made from fresh linguine. She was satisfied with her food. My spaghetti was obviously made from dry pasta, which was fine with me, but it wasn't fine with me that it was barely cooked. I was reminded of a Saturday Night Live sketch with Father Guido Sarducci cooking spaghetti for his dog. He took a strand of spaghetti out of the pot to ask the dog to test it to see whether it "was-a ready" and the thing had barely bent slightly from its immersion in the boiling water. My spaghetti was not 'a-ready' either. I could tell (and so could the person seated next to me) from its appearance that it was barely cooked, it still had the translucency of dry pasta. On an 'al dente' scale of 1 - 10, with say 4 being a normal al dente state, these were about an 8 or 9. They were getting stuck between my teeth like supersized hard dental floss.

Besides the undercooked state of the spaghetti, whichever of the chefs prepared this disaster didn't put a whole lot into this dish, which, when prepared properly, doesn't sit atop a pool of oil and is garnished with fresh parsley. Just as I know good gnocchi, I know good spaghetti aglio olio. This was not the good kind. I gave up eating it and was managing to at least have some good laughs with my pals over my non-dining experience. The only thing I filled up on somewhat was a couple of small olives, put out on the table along with the bread. Here again, disappointment...I had looked forward to the bread, remembering my first visit and how we had all loved the warm focaccia and lovely variety of breads served while we waited for our food. This time the breads were cold, the focaccia crumbly and the baguette-like bread was hard and chewy. This was basically what I got to eat at Poor Italian so maybe it is well named after all, as I had a real poor man's meal tonight! Bread dunked in olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Of the other entrees ordered by my group, the seafood linguine, the lasagna and seafood risotto passed muster with them. My friend who opted for a ravioli dish reported that parts of the ravioli were undercooked. There seems to be a theme developing here...undercooked (maybe the chef on the pasta station needs some remedial classes). He didn't sound too over the moon about his entree and I think he enjoyed his bruschetta appetizer more than the main. Three of my party tried desserts and the double espresso creme brule was deemed delicious as was the Millefoglie. The presentation of the desert plates made up for the lack of presentation on the entrees.

Service was attentive and the waitress told me 'we will pay for the spaghetti', so presumably they did a post-mortem in the kitchen after the busboy asked me whether I wanted the uneaten (and inedible) spaghetti wrapped up and I told him no, it was undercooked and inedible. I was glad as my boss was picking up the tab and would have felt bad if she paid for that inedible mess.

This place could be good if only it were consistent and the kitchen not staffed with hit & miss chefs. I won't be returning here or recommending this place to anyone. After this third strike, they're out.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Osteria Napoli1660 Renfrew St., Vancouver
T'was our annual Christmas gift exchange dinner...and what a big lump of coal it was!
Submitted Tuesday, June 21, 2011 - 2:06am [Dine in]

Last December my coworkers and I continued our annual tradition of going out for dinner in December for a nice time catching up with each other, having a good meal and exchanging gifts. We decided to try a new place and one of the girls suggested Osteria Napoli, having had good meals there before and others had heard good things too. The night was bitterly cold and I and another friend were there early. The place was virtually empty except for some people in the back area. True, it was a weeknight, but if a place is good, one does not expect it to be virtually empty. I felt that was an omen and how right I was.
My friend and I were shown to a table by the front window and we both sat on the side with the window, with out backs to it. While we waited for the rest to arrive, we almost froze to death as it was bitterly cold right next to the window. It wasn't until our group was complete that the entirely non-busy waiter remembered there was a base board heater under the window and offered to turn it on for us. We were so relieved as the welcome heat thawed our frozen bodies.
My friend and I, who had the full view of the goings on in the restaurant couldn't stop giggling about the waiter who, while ostensibly polishing cutlery (or something) kept staring at us very much in the manner of a jailer. It did not make us comfortable that we had to endure that miserable, awful food while under the unblinking stares of the rather menacing looking waiter. We were brought menus and things got started. The waiter began taking our orders and was partly through, when one of the girls asked for separate bills. We really got the stink eye then and he told us in a flat tone that no, we could not have separate bills as he had already started writing our orders. We were finding the situation, while awful, droll and were biting our lips to not laugh out loud. It was hard not to leap up, with a stiff-armed salute and shout "Jawohl, Mein Kommandant!!" Orders taken, we had some laughter at the behaviour of the jailer/waiter and got down to chatting and catching up.
My friend and I played it safe and also didn't find the food fairly priced, considering what it was, so we both ordered linguine with pesto sauce, thinking, well, there's not a whole lot that can go wrong with that. Well, at Osteria Napoli, apparently it can. Very wrong. The rest of our friends ordered various dishes with tomato based sauces and I could see from the appearance of the 'sauce', how poorly prepared it was (I know how to cook Italian food very well, so have high standards). It pretty much looked like tomato paste out of the can, thinned a little with water to make it more 'sauce-like'. Not one of my friends had any praise for the food and they all found their dishes mediocre. My friend and I, who thought we had been clever with the simple order of linguine with pesto sauce, were served anaemic looking linguine, with a faint, watery hint of something green. It was so barely-there it was hard to tell it was pesto sauce. It was completely unseasoned so she and I made an effort to get some flavor in it by adding some salt and pepper. I was the worst linuine with pesto sauce I'd ever been served anywhere. It was an insult to be asked to pay for this mediocrity. Our friends' dishes were also very pedestrian, poorly seasoned and the entire dinner a huge disappointment. I think some of my friends ventured on desert, which was brave of them, considering the dreadful quality of the food.
This taught me to be very cautious when someone recommends a restaurant because they had a good meal and others had 'heard' it was 'supposed to be really good'. I only venture to places now after doing quite a bit of research and reading about other people's experiences before considering going to a new place.

Stay away from this dated looking, has-been place, with poorly prepared, grossly overprice food and very mediocre (though entertaining in its bizareness) service.

If you do venture, despite this warning, bring a little container of basil pesto in case you plan to order linguine with pesto sauce, you will need it.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Horizons100 Centennial Way, Burnaby
Disappointing first time visit!
Submitted Saturday, November 22, 2008 - 9:52pm [Dine in]

Having heard about friends' positive experiences and read the restaurant's website write up, I expected a 'fine dining experience.' What I got was a major disappointment. The first impression of the dining room is that it looks very dated (think 80s). I expected a table set with crisp linens and tasteful place settings. Instead I got a bare wooden tabletop with a salt shaker and a pepper mill (no waiter offered fresh pepper here) and some worn, oddly small proportioned cutlery and an unimaginative square folded napkin plopped between the cutlery. I ordered a cocktail and it was almost undrinkable. Since I was being treated to dinner I didn't want to make a fuss & make my host and other guest uncomfortable, so somehow managed to choke down most of it, though it was awful. As none of the appies appealed, the waiter offered me a simple green salad. It arrived as an unimaginative pile of greens with only oil and no vinegar or seasoning. I was forced to commit a 'fine dining' faux pas and try to make it palatable by using salt and pepper. My companions and I all opted for a table d'hote offering of Wild Salmon & Prawns, described as wild salmon and skewer of prawns grilled over alderwood, with 7 grain rice pilaf, vegetables, cauliflower puree and a curry sauce. It arrived lukewarm, no grill marks on the slab of salmon, the 'prawns' were 2 med. sized overcooked, rubbery shrimp, on a skewer. The 'pilaf' was a steamed rice mix ie not pilaf. No cauliflower. Unimaginative veggies of which the baby green beans were hard and uncooked. No attemps at creative, artistic garnishing, very plain presentation There was an overpowering flavor of smoke and the curry sauce was overpoweringly hot. The rice, vegetables and fish were completely unseasoned, other than the heavy smoke taste and heat of the curry sauce. I then understood why they had the salt at the table. To let us do what the chef didn't ie season the food. My companions likewise were not impressed with the food. We ordered dessert, hoping for something better. The Creme Brule was good but the Chocolate Mousse cake disappointing. It was not the light, fluffy texture I prefer, but very dense, heavy and greasy tasting. The hazelnut crust had an unpleasant wet, gummy texture. The $31 price for the entree was exhorbitant, given what we were served. I would have considered $15 too much for the poorly prepared and lukewarm entree. Many reviewers rave about the view but a restaurant's primary mandate is to offer up good food which lives up to the prices charged. The ambiance, service and view should underscore excellent food. In this case the view of pitch black darkness dotted with distant city lights did not make up for the badly prepared food. I won't be visiting this place a second time.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance