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[email protected]Saskatoon, SK, CanadaSince March 8, 20171 Review
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Moka Coffee Bar411E Herold Court, Saskatoon
Fomer Employee Finally Speaks Out
Submitted Wednesday, March 8, 2017 - 10:52am [Dine in]

Do not eat or drink anything here. Horrible coffee shop, horrible business, and most of all horrible owners! I would know, I worked here for a year! Thankfully I had a baby and could escape this place. And definitely have no intentions of returning! The owner is verbally and emotionally abusive to all the employees. They all hate her but have to be kind and happy to her face to save themselves from her wrath or getting their hours cut. The owner is very manipulative and wants everyone to feel sorry for her. I was forced on more than one occasion to serve food that I knew did not meet the standard of food safe. The dishes are washed and sanitized in bleach water because the dish sanitizer has been broken for over a year....but thank god they got a slushy machine maker instead of a new sanitizer (sarcasm). Cheques have bounced for employees, including me, on numerous occasions which is unacceptable. Also, too many times, we would get paid late---sometimes days later! It took the owner 9 weeks to get me my ROE!!! And there was still incorrect information on it! CRA now has to contact her to get MORE information cause there wasn't enough on it…the list goes on and on. And can you believe it---today the power was cut off because she didn't pay her power bill! So I wouldn't touch anything they are selling as it will now all be sitting in coolers and fridges that have no power to them…which is unlikely to stop her from still trying to sell them anyways (she’s done it before). On one occasion she told me to climb up a 12 ft ladder to get something down for her…this was when I was 6 MONTHS PREGNANT!! These are just a FEW examples of how awful this place is. I could honestly go on and on. HORRIBLY run business. The owners should admit to themselves they made a mistake buying this business and give it up! Honestly. I will never be returning to this place, not even as a customer.

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