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bellekitsSince June 17, 20073 Reviews
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Thai Yummy Restaurant1873 W 4th, Vancouver
the only place for coconut curry duck TO GO
Submitted Saturday, September 1, 2007 - 9:11pm [Dine in]

I will go across town for their duck, but i ALWAYS get it to go :) Thai Yummy is a family owned and run restaurant where the owners are the only ones that work there. ..and they're the only place in town to discover the sweet flavorful combination of chinese bbq duck in green coconut curry sauce - delicious!

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Kaide Sushi Bar1375 Richard Street, Vancouver
hidden secret
Submitted Sunday, June 17, 2007 - 2:28am [Dine in]

what more could you ask for, modest prices, high quality sushi, great service. everything a sushi shack should be!

you will be greated with a big smile from the sushi chef/owner when you first walk in.

no deep fryer in this sushi bar, the focus is on the fish. the toro sashimi was stupendous!! the wild salmon sashimi is of exquisite quality, in color, texture and taste. the sashimi peices were symmetrical and identical in size and shape. every peice was cut to perfection.

while sitting at the bar i noticed how the chef carefully handles the fish. this is a man who takes pride in his profession.

kaide sushi, if i could only clone you..

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Kisha Poppo Japanese Restaurant11660 Steveston Highway, #1060, Richmond
save yourself
Submitted Sunday, June 17, 2007 - 1:51am [Dine in]

the part of the fish that is normally tossed into the garbage...the fins and I mean the actual fin...is considered fit for "bbq salmon" in this place. we were served a plate one DOZEN salmon fins with a little meat on each one. if you consider yourself a walking low life, eat here.

the smell of the salmon fins that sat on our table untouched by the whole party set the mood for the entire dinner. the waitress took them away without asking anyone if they were going to eat them, i guess they get sent back a lot.

the udon has a weird taste to it, i just drank the miso. the edamame was unsalted and overdone. the california roll had rotten avocado. the salmon is of course, farmed. the tempura was greasy and most pieces were stuck together.the agadashi was decent.

the language barrier makes it difficult to actually get what you want, but to save the service staff the training, they provide YOU with a pencil and you get to tick off anything that you want on the menu. our slip was lost half way through the order somehow. they said "it was jammed in something." we're not quite sure what happened. but we waited for an hour for the food to arrive.

the service staff has mastered the art of avoiding eye contact even when my husband was waving both arms in the air as he passed four or five times.

kisha poppo? sushi no no

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