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AznPacManSouth GranvilleSince August 24, 20082 Reviews
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3.5 (3.5)
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Michi Sushi1513 West Broadway, Vancouver
Rolling with the tasty rolls.
Submitted Saturday, August 30, 2008 - 6:33pm [Dine in]

Just ate a spicy tuna roll and salmon with avocado roll. $3.50 a roll is slightly above average pricing for makizushi (rolled sushi), but thankfully I caught "happy hour" (I bought after 4pm) where price dropped to $2 a roll for ALL rolls. After me, a lady bought 5 rolls!

Yes, seaweed not crispy. Is that the end all be all of makizushi? No. Great taste (just the right amount of wasabi included inside each roll) and mostly fish in those rolls makes these rolls it almost worth it for this reviewer to buy full price. Almost. Thankfully, I don't work in this area and can make it only for dinner time (happy hour), so will be buying at cheaper prices!

This place has a feel of a gelato store, except it sell sushi. So I might be underrating them for service and ambiance because it's not a full service restaurant, should definitely go if you like sushi and need a munch on the run without getting hands dirty.

Gochisou-sama deshita!

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  • Service
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  • Ambiance
Red Robin1001 West Broadway, #200, Vancouver
Great birthday dinner for friend
Submitted Saturday, August 23, 2008 - 11:15pm [Dine in]

My friend got email invite for free birthday burger, so we (birthday boy, his girlfriend, and your truly) went there for dinner.

Hostesses took a moment "to find us a booth". Took us to the BACK SECTION which was dimly lit to a standard booth. Getting here we walked past many U-shaped booths in more brightly lit sections. I insisted we take one of those booths across from the patio entrance (so brightly lit).

Luckily, I chose a booth in the section of whom I believe to be probably the BEST waitress in the house. She was courteous, attentive and paid attention to detail. We had ordered burgers with fries and pop. Since fries and pop were endless/bottomless we normally often ask for more. This dinner, WE DIDN'T HAVE TO ASK!!! She just kept bring us our pop without us asking! When we asked for fries, HOT FRIES came quickly.

When we sat down she came up behind us and I called my friend the "birthday boy". She picked up on that and after dinner came the birthday song sung by a group of servers (at least 6)! Then he got a sundae with chocolate sauce (hot fudge?) with whip cream and sprinkles. Nice touch guys! Needless to say, my friend was overly embarrassed.

I have had good service in middle-class restaurants like this before, but never like this! This waitress is so great that I had to write this review! For those of you who have had not good service, must have been her night off!

NOTE: I would have rated this night a 5 if not for the hostesses at the beginning of the night giving us that first booth. Ambiance is good enough as a sports bar or family restaurant, depends on what you go there for, so can't rate too high there since I was not there for either of these reasons.

Overall, a great night.

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