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ariesbbRichmond , BCSince February 13, 20104 Reviews
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3.5 (3.6)
  • Food3.5 (3.3)
  • Service4 (4)
  • Value3.5 (3.5)
  • Ambiance4.5 (4.3)


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Bistro The Home8460 Alexandra Road, 165, Richmond
Great Place!
Submitted Sunday, December 12, 2010 - 2:03pm [Dine in]

My friend took me to try out this place because of their buy 1 get 1 free promotion for pasta. Basically you get 2 dishes of pasta and you get charged for the one with the higher price. Since you get 2 dish for 1, the value is definitely worth it. We paid $17.50 for 2 dishes. We went there on Saturday and there weren't too much customers. I would guess it's because it is still a new restaurant, not much people know about it.

I have never tried any authentic Italian pasta before, so I can't really say if the food is authentic or not. I am commenting the food based on its taste and how it was displayed. I have the Vongole, which is pasta with clams, garlic shoots and olive oil sauce. The clams were really fresh and juicy, which is the thing I like this pasta the most! They also have tomato cubes on the pasta, which is the negative part since I don't really like tomato. The garlic shoots were quite large in my opinion. They also added some kind of spice (red pepper i think), this makes the pasta taste a bit spicy. The taste was not bad, aside from the fact that it's kinda spicy. I would say their pasta was a bit too watery because there were lots of sauce at the bottom of the dish.

I wasn't sure was it was because there were only 2 tables at the time we arrived, their service was very good. The waitress was very nice and friendly, making us feel very comfortable eating at their restaurant. One of my friends is a vegetarian and cannot eat any green onion, onion and garlic. She has to make special request to her order and the waitress helped her make sure her food did not contain any onion, which I thought was very caring of her.

The ambiance was great! Again, I don't know if this was because there weren't too much customers by the time we went, the restaurant was very spacious. I would say it's a good place for chatting with your friends since it wasn't noisy at all.

The only thing that's bad about this place is its location. You can see the restaurant on Alderbridge, but it's hardly noticeable if you are not looking out the window. Plus the entrance is located on Alexandra Road, so you would have to drive all the way around to find parking and get to this restaurant.

Overall, I would rate this restaurant a 4/5. =]

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
HML Seafood Restaurant5890 No. 3 Road, #200, Richmond
Excellent Place for Dim Sum and Dinner=D
Submitted Friday, December 3, 2010 - 11:17pm [Dine in]

I was introduced this place by my friend. After we have been there once, we have never changed to any other dim sum places. Honestly my family thinks they have the best dim sum out of all the ones we have tried. Of course you probably cant compare this to those super high end ones; but the price is really decent and the quality is very good. You can get a big dish of noodles or rice for only the price of $6.80, when many other places are at least $8. Not to mention that they have 20% off dim sum and free tea everyday including holiday! This is definitely a plus comparing to other places.

Their dim sum tastes very authentic in my opinion, especially their shao mai. It definitely tastes like the ones I had when I was young in Hong Kong, with just the right amount of meat, shrimp and mushroom. Some restaurants like to stuff either a lot of meat or shrimp in shao mai and they taste nothing like the ones i had before. I particularly love their durian pastry! I am not a big fan of durian, but i fell in love with this one. I have tried durian pastry at some other restaurant and it wasnt even close. I always end up going back to the one by HML. I also love their egg & milk tart, but durian pastry is still my top favourite.

My family has also been there a couple of times for dinner, and we always have lobster as one of the dish. They have lobster for $8.99/lb everyday, which I think is quite cheap since it will be cooked for you without any extra cost. Many supermarkets sell lobster for the same or higher price, but you have to cook it yourself. They started having the 20% discount off dishes excluding seafood this saturday when we were there for dinner.

As for their service, I think their service is amazing. Although there are times when service is not as great due to the overwhelming amount of people in the restaurant, I think it's understandable. HML's general manager is particularly friendly and nice to every single customer. He treats everyone as if we were his friends, which makes us feel like home whenever we go there. This was one of the main reason to why we love going to HML too.

  • Food
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  • Ambiance
Tokyo Joe's8211 Ackroyd Rd., #130, Richmond
One of my favourite Chirashi Don
Submitted Saturday, February 13, 2010 - 1:30am [Dine in]

I always order Chirashi Don for take out whenever i visit them..

their food is very fresh and also has a large variety in one.. the followings are the sashimi included in the chirashi don: 4 x tuna, 7 x salmon (belly), 1 x tako, 2 x hokkigai, 5 x toro, 1 x ebi, masago....

i have ordered from them twice.. and the quantity is not exactly the same each time.. but they usually has a lot of sashimi..=D

for the price, it's $13.60 with tax, but the chirashi don for this value, definitely worth it! totally recommended=)

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Osaka Today8180 No. 2 Road, #168, Richmond
I think food was just soso
Submitted Saturday, February 13, 2010 - 12:37am [Take-out]

i ordered a Chirashi Don to for take out...
i actually had high hope for their chirashi because for the price... i have tried several other Japanese restaurants' chirashi and they tasted awesome for the same price... but i guess i was expecting too much...

food: as i was saying, i ordered the Chirashi Don for take out. it was $12.54 with tax...for its price and its ingredients, i totally DO NOT recommend it. for this chirashi don there's 3 pcs of salmon, 3 pcs of tuna, 3 pcs of tai, 2 pcs tamago, 1 pc ebi and some masago... and that was it...... comparing with the chirashi don at Sakura Sushi, which was only $12.50, it has lots more variety of sashimi.. and it tastes so much more fresh too!
so let me get back to the chirashi don from Osaka Today... the sashimi size was quite thick and large... but it doesn't taste fresh... not that it has turned bad or anything.. but it just doesn't taste good.. the two only good ingredient was the tamago and tuna.. tuna was quite fatty, but still doesn't taste super fresh. the tai sashimi especially, it just taste terrible that it makes me want to throw them away so badly... (this is the first time i did not want to finish a chirashi don)
for the rice, they have added some sesame on the top, which has added some texture and flavour to the plain rice, but other than that, it wasn't really that surprising. The rice was a bit hard in my opinion.
one good thing about them is they have miso soup to go with the chirashi don... but then again, if i have to pay $12 for a chirashi, i would rather choose one that's more fresh than the one that has miso soup.

service: as i entered the door, there wasn't anyone greeting. the two sushi chef saw me walked in but didn't welcome me or anything. i mean... don't they usually welcome the customer walking through their doors? anyways, after that, there was this waitress, who was very polite, and they definitely gain some service points back from me.

value: as i was saying, $12 to pay for this chirashi don, i think it's totally not worth it. even Banzai has a cheaper chirashi don that has even more variety of sashimi...

ambiance: i ordered take out... so i cant comment on this too much.. but the place is ok small in my opinion

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  • Service
  • Value