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andytinaRichmondSince November 16, 20083 Reviews
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1.5 (1.6)
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Daimasu8300 Granville Avenue, Richmond
One of the worst Sashimi
Submitted Saturday, June 19, 2010 - 2:51pm [Dine in]

My wife and I went to this restaurant for regular sashimi bento box. The server was great and served us promptly. After the dinner set arrived, we're totally surprised to see the food quality. There were only Salmon and white fish . We could not believe what we're seeing, the white fish was totally old and it was yellow color for all pieces. We're thinking the fish color might have changed due to local fish stock, so we still ate it and found that the taste was so bad. It was over due for some time and it should not be served to customer. We're very displeased by such food quality. We left many pieces unfinished and we paid for the bill. A man gurading the cashier was collecting our bill, but I did not leave even a penny for tips. He saw no tips and whining at us for no tips. He said in Chinese- 'not even 5 cents!' I did not answer and we left with great disappointment.
This gentleman - I assume is the manager- should first check its food quaity on a regular basis, he should toss out the expired fish stock. It is very sad nowadays japanese restaurant is run by non-japanese owner and they did not show any due regard to food quality. Plus, let me remind him one thing, Japanese is not expected to be given tips in restaurant. Please check out food quality first before asking for tips!

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Boss Bakery & Restaurant, The4800 Kingsway, #238, Burnaby
Bad food and service
Submitted Sunday, November 23, 2008 - 7:40pm [Dine in]

I agreed with the previous review. I had been in this restaurant for a few times. The only reason I came here was due to its location inside a mall. Just do not bother to drive out to look for a restaurant.

The service was not particular good because of the lady at the door was usually responsive to known customer. If you're stranger she will make you wait and wait. She just did not follow the number. She will let bigger group go in first and let you stand there untill a table just fit you. She is toast and should be out of work. If she was the owner, I felt sorry very much about this kind of random service.

The food was worser than the food you found at the food court. For a dish of frying noodle with beef, you will find less than 10 tiny pieces of beef and the whole dish is just noodle seasoning heavily with MSG. For goodness, they'll charge you expensively $10 for this lousy frying noodle.

After their renovation a few months ago, they raised all their ticket prices. It is us we pay for their renovation cost. About the food , forget any quality. I will be shamed on such service and expensive ticket. There are many good restaurants around and I'll tell my friends in my company about my bad experience.

Let the restaurant ruins its name by offering such terrible service and food.

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Keg Steakhouse & Bar, The11151 No. 5 Road, Richmond
What a disappoitment!
Submitted Sunday, November 16, 2008 - 2:57pm [Dine in]

It has been a few times we visited the KEG at the Richmond location. We’re happy to see their food quality such as seafood and steak.
Last night we returned again for a B-day occasion. The service and food were totally changed to our surprise. When we waited for a table of 7 people, the server was asking us to wait for ‘at least’ 45 minutes. Due to no reservation for weekend, we were expecting a longer wait. It was not their problem initially. Then when a table of 10 people was given a table first (their group came after us), the server did not assign a table to us first and was explaining to us 7 people were harder to get a table. Instead of finding a table under 45 minutes, the server did not try any effort to find a table in a shorter time. She was thinking that asking customers to wait longer was acceptable. What a lay-back service attitude!
We were so pleased with their food quality from previous visits. However, last night we ordered dishes of steak, chicken breast and ribs. At the end, the food came. Look, the steak was mini portion with only quarter -inch thick. The size was just about the size of my palm. The worst was one third of it was fatty. You just could not eat it. Also, I did not see it was a steak. I would call it roast beef instead, so different from a steak. Sorry we were so pissed off by this experience. Their service attitude was way disappointed and the food was no where matching with their traditional size and quality.
At the end we made a tip of only 10 dollars and we (7 of us) all agreed not to come back. A restaurant can make profit by offering quality food and service, not by cutting corner and asking customer to wait for an hour. Instead of recommending this restaurant to friends, I would voice out my experience and ask my friends to reconsider.

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