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Andrea6171Port Coquitlam, B.C.Since July 7, 20122 Reviews
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De Dutch Pannekoek House2748 Lougheed Highway, #200, Port Coquitlam
Seriously? No communication to waiting customers!
Submitted Monday, September 22, 2014 - 9:39pm [Dine in]

My and a friend of mine went there on Saturday Sept 20, 2014 about 1:00pm. It was kind of busy and we put our names down. We requested to sit outside as it was a sunny day. I noticed the dining area was less and less people and the outside was pretty spare so I thought we would be sat soon. Not so much. we asked if we could just sit down in the sun outside at a table (lots free), and we we given the message. " it will be a few min" ? Seriously! There was no manager on duty and the waiters, hostesses were busy with the few tables. We we then given the message that they could not take any more tables as the kitchen was backed up! Wtf? How about telling the crowd of people waiting for a table and apologizing and offering them coffee or something! No apology, no let's make you happy ! Nothing! We waited at least 30-40 min! The staff was not communicating to the crowd ! Well me and my girlfriend stood there by the wait to be seated sign with our arms crossed just glaring at the hostesses as they ignored us. On top of that the salad ( with burger) my friend got was not washed and she felt dirt in her mouth. Waitress just said oh sorry about that and deducted 2.50 from the ill. Whoa. So generous :p. Let's just say no tips were given and a bad review here!

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Daniel's Restaurant2786 Barnet Hwy, Coquitlam
Submitted Friday, July 6, 2012 - 10:19pm [Dine in]

I went here a a birthday gift from my best friend,who got the groupon deal. It was a shared appy, entree and shared dessert. My husband and I usually out and are " foodies" and are very observant so I am observant to this restaurant I haven't been to before....
My observations:
1) No small tables for parties of 2- The booths were all taken and the tables are too big and bulky.
2) We had decided of the options we wanted and the waitress didn't really know for sure of the flavors of ice-cream there was for 1 of the 2 options for the dessert.. You should know this down pat,especially for a coupon deal! Or say.. "Let me find out for sure"
3) We sat right in front of the bar -large table..when we finished our appy., we had our plates just sitting there. For a long time. The owner /manager and other waitress was just standing in front of the bar just starring and not doing anything... How about take our dirty plates!
4) When our entrees came our finished appy plates were still there!
5) Tall older manager just standing around.. How about helping out and taking our dirty plates and ask how we are?how about being a good host?
6)Waitress was sitting down by the bar where these chairs werelinedp by the bar -yes she was pregnant, I get that.. But there is other waitresses
and the manager just standing there ..how about take our dirty plates that I positioned in the middle of our our large table right in front of you 2 feet away?
7) I got the lamb shank, it was "ok", on a bed of cous cous and veggies (peas, sweet potato cut in small cubes?) ..weird combo.
8) Bathroom: no stalls, so you have to wait outside if someone is in there..ugh.
9) Hard to get there coming from Coquitlam..You have to turn at pasta polo and down the alley? Confusing...
10) If you own/manage the place , smile! Talk to your guests! Make them feel welcome! Don't look like a grump, like when I went the wrong way to the bathroom , and you say snarkily.." you are going the wrong way dear!"...

Don't bother...

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