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andivancouverSince October 9, 20073 Reviews
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2 (1.8)
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Inlets Bistro & Lounge1225 Robson St, Vancouver
Calling it Mediocre is a compliment!
Submitted Saturday, February 12, 2011 - 12:58pm [Dine in]

Had dinner here last week with friends.....right off the bat we could tell it was going to be interesting. The a/c was cranked up (in Feb?!?), the lighting was super bright and there was one person working in the restaurant.
I'll make this short. The food was just ok. Soup & salad starters were good. Steaks were fine, but the salmon was overcooked. Rice served with the salmon was bland. Dessert was average (choc mousse). Not worth the $28 DOV menu.
Our server was unattentive even though there was only one other table in the restaurant. We ordered cocktails and had 2 bottles of wine. Once our dinner plates were cleared, he dropped dessert, not asking if we wanted tea or coffee. Shortly after he dropped the bill at the table without being asked. He then headed straight out the door to bring the open sign off the street..... I guess he wanted to go home! It was only 8:45PM!
We paid, leaving a tip not for the service quality, but because the place was so empty we felt sorry that this was all he was going to make from the dinner hour. Walked around the corner to enjoy a coffee elsewhere........

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Gotham Steakhouse & Cocktail Bar615 Seymour Street, Vancouver
i gave them the benefit of the doubt
Submitted Tuesday, October 9, 2007 - 3:36am [Dine in]

the first visit was a disaster. we were a group of about 20 in a private room downstairs. almost half of the steaks were sent back because they were underdone. it seems they have a prob cooking a steak past medium. i sent mine back (asked for medium-well) and it was brought back once again all bloody & pink inside.....the server suggested maybe i try the chicken (part of our group menu options) it was brought to me RAW inside.....i showed it to the server and he whisked it away. needless to say i didn't eat anything else. the waiter was profusely appologetic. on this visit the service deserved a rating of 3.

the second visit was much the same. but this tiem it was a dinner for 2. we asked the waiter to ensure the kitchen cooks the steak well. had to be returned and it still came back pink.......my husband didn't eat it.
the waiter didn't offer to change it for anything else and then pretty much ditched us for another table of what seemed like friends of his or maybe regulars that he knew. he spent a lot of time chatting with them. there were only about 3 other tables in the restaurant.... we waited for him to come by to order coffee and dessert, but he took so long that we got our bill instead and headed elsewhere for sweets. on this visit the service get a 1. so i'll be fair and average it out to a 2.

the overall gets a 1 because the food quality for a restaurant like Gotham just wasn't there.

if you want a great steak, head over to Morton's. i have had great meals, from appies to dessert, and exceptional service there.

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La Casita101 W Cordova Street, Vancouver
food good, service good....however
Submitted Tuesday, October 9, 2007 - 3:11am [Dine in]

it was saturday night about 8pm.....we didn't have to wait for a table. we ordered margaritas by the pitcher ($25)...yum. appies (flautas, wings & guacamole) all good. the main dishes varied thoughout the group......we all love mexican and agreed that the food was not exceptional, but good. being able to choose the size of your portion is a plus. i would def visit la casita again to try something else on the menu.
the timing of the food was a little slow between courses.......could have been planned since we were drinking pitcher after pitcher!?!
a member of our party was treated to a free b-day dessert, which was a nice touch......and the whole restaurant got in on the singing.
however, i was disappointed at the end of the night when the waiter brought us our bill. he had already added a 15% gratuity. the menu stated that a gratuity would be added for parties of 8 or more (we were 6). when asked about this the waiter seemed offended and replied "was ther something wrong with the service?" i said no, and mentioned that i would have prob ended up tipping him more than that.
he then decided to add a tip line to my visa receipt when he brought it to me...........pretty bold i thought since he had already secured a tip for himself. again, i was just a little disappointed, and maybe a touch insulted.
overall, if you like mexican, give this place a try.

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