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AmmaVancouverSince October 11, 20074 Reviews
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3.5 (3.6)
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  • Service3.5 (3.3)
  • Value4 (4)
  • Ambiance3 (2.8)


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Roman Ristorante3399 Kingsway, #106, Vancouver
Good pasta, good value, excellent service.
Submitted Monday, September 1, 2008 - 7:33pm [Dine in]

Roman Ristorante is a small eat-in (1/2 dozen or so tables) restaurant with a take-out/delivery menu.
They're open every day except tuesday for lunch and dinner.

Ambiance: pretty basic, small, but clean and homey.

Value: very good. Portions are huge, prices are low, and there are lots of options.

Service: Outstanding. Really, there are a lot of repeat customers here for a reason - the server is attentive, and the chef/owner always comes out during your meal to ask if you enjoyed it. Food can be a bit slow if it's busy, but that's normal of almost any restaurant (saving, perhaps, McD's.)

Food: Excellent. Yes, they use garlic. Depending on who you are that can be a very good or very bad thing. If you have a problem with garlic, try talking to your server when you order - most places are happy to accommodate. Regarding the pasta being "bland" per a couple of reviewers, I find their sauces to be very flavorful (we usually order the pomodoro, cardinale, pesto, funghi, or cacciatora.) It's possible that people are used to the north american / spaghetti factory style of pasta where you have noodles topped with enough sauce for them to swim about in it. That's not a normal thing for "real" italian pasta - the noodles should be tossed in enough sauce to be covered, but not excess, otherwise the pasta flavor gets overwhelmed by the sauce. No good. Like the garlic, if you prefer your food to be heavy on the sauce, communicate that to your server and ask for a little extra. :)
Some excellent items on the menu: all the pasta sauces, their funghi appetizer, the mista salad, and the bruschetta.

Give Roman Ristorante a try for a great family italian meal.

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Veggie Bunch6611 Buswell Street, Richmond
Chinese veggie buffet, awesome.
Submitted Monday, September 1, 2008 - 2:28pm [Dine in]

This is a neat little veg Chinese buffet in Richmond Public Market (access from within the market on the lower floor or a street entrance on Westminster Hwy.)
They're open for lunch and dinner most days of the week (actually, we haven't seen it closed before... I'm sure they must shut down for some holidays...)

The value here is outstanding, $10 + tax/tip (cash only, there's an ATM on the second floor of the market if you need it) allows you to eat your fill of about a dozen main dishes, appetizers, soup and dessert.

The service is good - tea is brought right away when you sit down, dishes are replaced frequently, and while the usual server doesn't seem to speak a lot of english we've never had problems.

Ambiance - standard little buffet with cafe-style tables. Background music seems to be either Buddhist/meditation type or CBC radio.

Food - Great!
For the main dishes there are usually several standards and a few options that are changed up regularly. Typically they've have rice vermicelli w/noodles, chow mein, chow fun (thick fresh rice noodles), stir-fried greens, cabbage w/ veggie ham, fried rice, spicy fried tofu, sweet n sour/spicy fried "pork" (very good), vegetarian "fish" (a little packet of seaweed and savory filling), a bitter melon dish, and others.
Appetizers: spring rolls, tempura sweet potato, steamed dumplings.
Desserts: sesame dumplings with red bean paste, ice cream.
Soup: varies.

If you're out and about in Richmond and looking for a fast meal, good veggie food at an excellent value can be found at Veggie Bunch.

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  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Bo Kong Vegetarian Restaurant3068 Main Street, Vancouver
Wouldn't try it again
Submitted Monday, September 1, 2008 - 1:42pm [Dine in]

We tried Bo Kong for the third time recently, and won't be going back (kept going back in the hopes that if we ordered something different from our last visit we'd discover what all the good reviews were about... not so much unfortunately.)

Our experiences there:
The service was fast but impersonal.
The food was greasy, salty, and seemed like it relied on filler (i.e. cheap carbs, bean sprouts, dried mushrooms/fungus) rather than a variety of high-quality fresh vegetables.
The prices were not particularly expensive, but the lack of reliance on fresh veggies in most dishes in a vegetarian restaurant is a bit strange. Cost/prep time cutting?
The ambiance is pretty standard - relatively clean, nothing outstanding.

I've had many people recommend Bo Kong as the best in Vancouver, but the people recommending it had not tried out the other solid options - Bodhi Choi Heung on Fraser or Veggie Bunch buffet in Richmond. I'd recommend people try out those places before they "commit" themselves to Bo Kong for their daily/weekly/monthly/whatever veg Chinese fix.

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  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Bodhi Choi Heung Vegetarian Restaurant3932 Fraser Street, Vancouver
Best Chinese veg in Vancouver
Submitted Monday, September 1, 2008 - 1:20pm [Dine in]

The restaurant: located on Fraser between Kingsway and King Ed, typically open for lunch hours (12-3?) and dinner hours (5-9?) Six days a week (closed Tuesdays.) The ambiance is basic and clean, with reading material available re: vegetarian & Buddhist lifestyles. The windows of the restaurant display the full menu, and posters with information on Buddhist/Meditation seminars being held in the city.

The service: Good, friendly, and consistent no matter what you look like/wear (i.e. not related to the servers' guestimation of your potential spending/tipping capability - I've found that to be an issue with a lot of Vancouver establishments.) The servers have been the same since we've been going there, which is a nice plus. If you go on a weekend evening it can get a bit busy and the service is slower, but still not bad.

The food: Excellent. Try their appetizer menu (small dishes, set price, very tasty, dim sum like options), lunch combos (soup, choice of main dish, and bowl of rice), curries and hot pots, noodle dishes (their Chow Fun w/ veggies is awesome), bean curd rolls, pepper steak, and almond chicken. They also do some great noodle in soup dishes that can double as either a pre-dinner soup or entree for those craving a big bowl of noodles ala traditional noodle shop.

Value: Great value! Their lunch combos are particularly good value (apx. $7 for a large bowl of soup, your choice of main dish, and rice.)
All the main dishes are reasonably priced, many are offered in two sizes (great option for people eating on their own or wanting to try a few different main dishes), and the quality of ingredients used is outstanding - this is not a place that uses sub-standard ingredients to keep the prices down. A meal for two adults with plenty of food (appetizer, soup, main dish + noodles & rice) comes to around $30 including a 20% tip.

I've had a lot of people recommend Bo Kong as the best in the city of this genre. None of the people recommending Bo Kong had ever tried Bodhi Choi Heung, and I think it's a bit of a hidden gem. I've tried Bo Kong a few times (review coming), and the food was just not as good as Bodhi Choi Heung - it was greasier, saltier, and tasted like lower quality ingredients were used (low on veggies, big on "filler.")

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