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alicorn2Victoria, BCSince December 8, 20102 Reviews
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4 (3.9)
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Amrikko's Indian Grill298 Old Island Hwy, Victoria
Great dinner!
Submitted Monday, January 10, 2011 - 2:43pm [Dine in]

On Friday at quarter to five, we decided to go to Amrikko's for supper for the first time. I phoned and asked for a reservation for 5:30, and got a bit of a confusing response - he said "very busy, but just walk in, we'll squeeze you in" and then asked for my name. So I figured I had half a reservation. Maybe.

When we got there, I gave my name, and they looked through the book but couldn't find me. So I guess I didn't have a reservation at all - but when I said I'd called 45 minutes earlier they went "Ohhh" and showed us to a table to the left of the door by the bar, where there are only two tables. I guess it's their overflow area.

From that slightly rocky/confusing start, everything went well. We seemed to have a waiter, a waitress, and a manager all taking care of us, so we had service galore. The manager seemed a bit shocked we didn't want appetizers, and when we ordered 3 dishes plus rice for 4 people he told us it wasn't enough food but my husband told him we weren't very hungry so he accepted our order as it was :)

The food was great! (And there was plenty of it - we ate it all with no leftovers, and with dessert that we really didn't have room for, we were stuffed.) We had the butter chicken, coconut beef, and spinach paneer along with an order of roti, an order of garlic naan, and two orders of rice. I had gulab jamun (sp?) for dessert and tried a bite of my husband's ice cream (jaffi?) - both were very good (once I got over the sugar shock of mine!)

In all, the food was very good, and we will definitely go back. I recommend making reservations farther ahead than 45 minutes, though, so you don't confuse everyone ;) I've rated the ambiance as just "solid" since there really wasn't any where we were... but we weren't in the main restaurant either. I believe they have belly dancers as entertainment, but if they were working that night, they didn't come over to where we were sitting, but that's fine.

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Sizzling Tandoor637 Johnson Street, Victoria
Excellent lunch
Submitted Wednesday, December 8, 2010 - 2:49pm [Dine in]

I just came back from my first visit to Sizzling Tandoor, located where the Maharaja used to be. I will definitely go back.

They have a menu (although I didn't look at it so I don't know the price range), but our group all decided to choose the buffet option -- with tax it came to $13.44 each.

It was very good. There aren't a huge selection of dishes in the buffet - maybe 8 or 10 lunch items plus salads and desserts - but I didn't feel like I needed anything else. There was butter chicken, tandoor chicken, a lentil dish, curried potatoes, and a few other items. My first plate was a tiny bite of each item except the tandoor chicken because I was afraid it would be too spicy for me, and then I went back for more of everything that I had chosen the first time. My friends said the chicken wasn't too spicy after all, but I was very happy with the dishes I chose.

The servers were very good at keeping our water refilled, our dirty plates cleared, and fresh naan whenever we wanted more.

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