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albroburnaby and vancouverSince May 24, 20112 Reviews
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House of Wings7155 Kingsway, #145, Burnaby
just wing it
Submitted Thursday, May 26, 2011 - 1:50am [Dine in]

been here a couple times once with my wife
we cruised in for the house specialty , the wings
my wife is Thai so we wanted something spicy.
the waitress [who was new] recomended the cajan sauce ones
well they were very small indeed and not spicey and overall dissapointing
should have just had the old buffalow wings I guess
I would have prefered to go to the oliver twist were the wings are 29 cents insted of 39 cents
how ever it was nice clean and roomy in there ..
we ate up and will not go back for wings again.
another time I went there to watch the ufc
when i got there there wasn't many people in there i orderd a beer looking at the menu
I then call the waitress over and asked what time the ufc started and to my surprise
she told me they canceled showing it becouse it was too expencive
well thats it.... nothing will get me back in there now ....yeeesh....

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Lhy Thai7357 Edmonds St., Burnaby
..for some one who knows good thai food this restaurant doesn't cut it
Submitted Thursday, May 26, 2011 - 1:22am [Dine in]

We were disapoined in the tasted ot the foods we had at lhy thai.
the tom yum kha was ver sweet only and they did not use the most essentual herb called
pauc chi fallong ....I love this flavor....
and the pad thai tasted like katsup just so sweet ..
the tom yum goong only had a few small goongs in it...
the steamed rice wasn't bad [ guess they could not scimp on that ...]
weve been to Thailand and know what good quallity tastes like and this isn't it...
we found it very over priced for the quallity of foods they served
the owner was the cook and the husband was the waiter.
they were arguing in thai and once we finally got our food he never came back till we were finished.
ya they were busy but if you can not take care of your customers you should hire more staff..
dingy, packed, very old little place
it was not a friendly atmosphere also making it an all round dissapointment...
I read all the other reveiws and they must be pumping there place or the people posting here
are really not aware of what good Thai food tasted like
frankly it is difficult to find quality thai food here anyway but this joint rates low..
sorry about the lousy reveiw
best of luck finding a good thai restaurant ....

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