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abomb_thecorpseKitsilano, VancouverSince June 28, 20073 Reviews
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Horizons100 Centennial Way, Burnaby
The server that rode off into the...
Submitted Monday, December 3, 2007 - 11:16pm [Dine in]

Let’s just get this out of the way first: the food was great. Our table had steak, chicken, and fish: all fresh, tasty, cooked well, and reasonable portions. Complements to the chef and kitchen.

Unfortunately, the two of us still left with a bad taste in our mouth, in the flavour of rotten service. There was a long wait between ordering and getting food, drinks, or incidentals (such as requesting for a dead tealight to be replaced). There was a twenty-minute lapse between ordering a martini and getting it. The server tried to upsell everyone at the table as if he were selling used Datsuns, yet didn’t bother to come by much to see if anyone needed anything. The total time taken for the meal was three-and-a-half hours, from arrival to exit. We waited a half-hour for the bill.

And because there were more than eight of us at the table, there was a 15% gratuity automatically added to the bill. We dislike the idea of an automatic gratuity just out of principle, but in their defence they DO try to tell you about it twice, on your bill. That said, unless you look carefully (or have to be told, as I was) the "twice told" makes it look like the gratuity is being charged twice.

The appeal, of course, is location. We suggest trying to get a table near the windows to take advantage of this, as our table was back so far that the view was not a focal of the experience, but kind of a let-down: “Yes, the view, over there, is beautiful.”

The interior of the restaurant is very nice. Too bad the building seems more like a run-down ski lodge than a fine dining establishment. The washrooms are downstairs: both of us just about tumbled on the poor carpeting. And they reminded us of washrooms in a community centre, except smaller. The lone toilet stall in the men’s washroom was out of order. Which did not stop at least one person from using it while one of us were in the room.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Ambiance
Frog & Firkin1941 West Broadway Ave., Vancouver
Who ordered the angioplasty?
Submitted Monday, December 3, 2007 - 7:18pm [Dine in]

Best part here, unfortunately, was the beer.

The burger: bottom bun was soaked in oil and grease, and compressed into a slithery squishy pancake to become the “bottom bun slowly getting smaller much faster than the top bun, until eventually the whole messy thing is all over the plate” sort of experiences. After I walked as though I were a surgeon that had just scrubbed up, to avoid ruining anything with a greasy touch.

Granted, it was big burger. Some people think a disintegrating burger is more an “abundance of food provided” than a “poor-construction” issue, and one could argue either side. That said, we’re on the “poorly constructed” side of the issue. Finishing a burger by picking it off the plate with your fingers or a fork is unacceptable. And granted, the burger was very tasty. But given how much grease and oil were on the plate, there was no way “tastelessly dry” was entering into the equation. Eating one of those a week and it's into triple-bypass country real quick.

The other meal was the quesadilla: adequate, if mostly unappealing. We can’t understand why the sour cream was glopped on top the salsa. We think the dot of fungus on the sour cream was purely for garnish.

Lots of television sets, though, and the booths are secluded-esque. The downside of privacy can be difficulty in getting the attention of servers, but there was only moderate difficulty in that regard. The tabletops seemed abnormally high in comparison to the seats. We both practically broke our tailbones sitting down - you know when you think you’ve taken the last step, but there’s actually one more - sort of like that.

It was a mediocre experience overall. We think one either loves or hates this place. If you enjoy the sports-bar experience (particularly the faux-Brit footie-geared genre), then this may be a good place for you. We suggest trying it at least once and deciding for yourself. We’ve been twice, evening and lunch, and have given up.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Ambiance
Migz BBQ2884 West Broadway, Vancouver
Crash and (un)Burned
Submitted Thursday, June 28, 2007 - 12:54pm [Dine in]

The funny part is that I had one of the best steaks in my life here, a few years back (up there with a good Keg-steak experience). But it went through a flurry of names, like Fatso's, Slim'z and finally Mig'z. It was a downward slide, apparently.

It seems mixed up between wanting to be a sports bar (couple of flatscreens on the walls), the southern BBQ place of their roots (murals of jazz-related images), and/or something for the faux-brooding-artsy-types (dark interior with colourful contemporary photography prints), or something. I wasn't sure what the decor was going for, thought it mostly came off dark and mixed-up. (Best part were the prints on the east wall, photos of Broadway, and a cool montage of street signs.)

We also decided it's one of those places that would benefit from the old "free basket of peanuts on the table toss the shells on the floor"-type places. At least, it wouldn't hurt, and might be a step in the direction they seem to be stumbling toward.

Service was ok, and easily the best part of the experience, though I have to add the place was almost completely empty (at dinnertime) so it wasn't a stretch to be available.

In the end, this place has given me one of the best steaks in my life, and now one of the worst. There was so much gristle riddling the steak I left about half of it on the plate, and it was undercooked even by medium-rare standards: quite "rare" on one side, though the other side was fine. And I think I chomped on a piece of bone, though I took it out of my mouth without investigating too closely, and it may have been, you know, one of those "charred bits" (but not likely, given how little time it spent on the grill).

I feel bad because it's a great room, and has the foundations to be cool. But it needs to work on some stuff. Might be a place to go for a pint to watch the game, and perhaps the appies are better.

We're not going back. I'm sad about that, because I really did have one of the best steaks ever.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Ambiance