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70sTennisFanVancouver, British Columbia, CanadaSince September 5, 20102 Reviews
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Hamburger Mary's Diner1202 Davie Street, Vancouver
Not perfect, but consistent
Submitted Sunday, September 5, 2010 - 11:16am [Dine in]

Visit Hamburger Mary's every couple of months with my mom. We like it because it's open late, the service is very consistent, and there are several good vegetarian options.

As always, the service was friendly and fast. We had the battered mushrooms, then deluxe grilled cheese with garlic mashed potatoes.

The food was as good as usual - the battered shrooms are fine. The deluxe grilled cheese is great, IMO. My only complaint - and I can't be absolutely sure, but I'm really pretty sure - is that they microwave some of their food. The mashed potatoes get this weird dried out skin around the edge, and they come to the table with really variable temperatures.

Unlike two recent posters, overall I think it's good and good value. We'v never personally had problems with the service. We'll be back, but would enjoy our experience even more with no microwave!

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  • Service
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  • Ambiance
Vita's Bar & Grill12157 Beach Street, Surrey
If only the view inside was as nice as the view outside
Submitted Sunday, September 5, 2010 - 10:43am [Dine in]

Went to this restaurant for the first time Saturday lunch. The place was busy-ish. Were seated outside. Told that the umbrellas didn't adjust when we asked about getting a bit more shade, which seems very strange to me.

My companion ordered the salmon burger, which she said was nicely cooked, came on a nice ciabatta roll with home-made tartar sauce. I ate most of her fries, they were above average.

I had the green salad, which was quite good as well; very few wilted or rotten greens, which is unusual I find.

The service was overall good - friendly and helpful. A bit slow, and I got a diet pop by mistake the first time the server brought our drinks. But overall fine - both the servers we interacted with were very friendly and energetic.

Unfortunately, I have little good to say about the interior of the restaurant. When I was waiting for the restroom to be free, I was looking at the paint job (which was atrocious) and the tchatchkes on the wall (which were thick with dust and some were broken). The floor of the restaurant was filthy. FILTHY. The bathroom, once I got there, was worse. There were cobwebs in the corners of the dirty floor, there was something that looked like kitty litter on the counter (as if someone had stood on it in dirty shoes), there was dirt and dust everywhere, and - remarkably - the toilet paper dispenser was also thick with dust. And this was at 3 on a quiet afternoon.

Our experience out on the patio was very pleasant, and we would repeat. But I think anyone who had the misfortune to be seated in the restaurant would have a bleak dining experience indeed. Touch up the paint job and hire a cleaner, please! Or at least get a proper step ladder, so that your staff can reach the higher items to clean them without having to stand on things in the restaurant! And DUST, for heaven's sake!

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