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Cake Ya

2415 Clarke Street
Port Moody, BC V3H1Z2
Tel: (604) 931-9005
Neighbourhood: Moody Centre


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Refined hand-crafted mildly sweet Japanese desserts
By sweethot of lower mainland (162 Reviews)
Submitted Thursday, June 3, 2010 - 12:34pm [Dine in]

Thanks to the previous reviewer I made a trek out to the quaint village of Port Moody where time seems to have stood still. Nestled between the mountains and the water is the small store Cake-Ya where Japanese ladies make some excellent desserts. The main item they make are steamed creme caramel cups. I absolutely loved the black sesame one. The taste of the black sesame was there but it was subtle, combined with the creamy texture and the mellow sweetness of the caramel this was simply perfect. I tried the bottom half of a plain creme caramel cup but the caramel in this one seemed burnt, the scorched taste was too bitter so I didn't finish it. Also I had expected the plain one to taste of vanilla but there didn't seem to be vanilla flavouring. I would skip the plain flavoured one next time and try the other flavours. However the plain flavoured one was also the least sweet of the two I tried and if you are watching your sugar intake, I'd recommend that. The kind ladies offered over 4 kinds of samples of their baked goods. Everything was delicious. I ended up ordering the chestnut sponge cake because it looked pretty. Inside there were two layers of sponge cake with a thin layer of whipped cream, this was all topped by an interesting healthy sweet potato and chestnut icing on top. A few chestnuts decorated the top. There was a sweetness to the dessert but it wasn't overpowering. This was very yummy and healthy to boot. Very solid bakery, it's a true gem. Everything is freshly made, you can see the ladies preparing everything by hand in the large kitchen behind the counter. They did have the mochi strawberry dessert when I went and that looked quite pretty as well. The prices are quite fair as well. Well worth the trek to Port Moody. Especially as it's rare to find Japanese desserts in Vancouver especially the simple ones which to me taste the best and remind me of a dessert from a loving mom's kitchen. Also note that there aren't any seats so the desserts have to be taken to go, it's simply a bakery not a bakery cafe. Also be sure to run not walk to Rehanna's Roti's which is located a street over that place is fantastic too.

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Great deal on Japanese style baked goods
By EatsFats of Vancouver (322 Reviews)
Submitted Sunday, May 16, 2010 - 12:05pm [Dine in]

It's just a tiny shop in the middle of no where. Doesn't look fancy. No glam here. Walk in, and you notice it smells like a proper bakery.

Selection seems to vary slightly depending on what they feel like baking or what gets sold out.

Top picks:
* Honey castella: Way better than anything you buy at the markets. You can taste the honey, but not too sweek
* Custard / puddings : Try the royal milk tea. Or the black sesame or any of the other 6 varieties.

They always have a wide variety of samples to try every time we went. The baker/owners are very friendly and helpful. And to top it off ... things are cheeeeaaap. The cakes are only in the $5 range, much less than what you would get at T&T for the same size. Only downside is the shortbread (Okinawa style? I think they said). Way too sweet.

But otherwise, totally worth the drive out here. Would highly recommend and come back.

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Love Japanese Sweets
By gourmetlady of Port Moody, BC (17 Reviews)
Submitted Sunday, September 12, 2010 - 9:40am [Dine in]

I drove by several times but never occurred to stop and check it out. It is in the sleepy old downtown area of Port Moody that I had only stopped once or twice in past 10 years. However, it was two reviews caught my attention the other day and decided to stop by. I am so glad I did. The Japanese cakes are hard to find. I love them because I find that they do not use as much sugar.

I tried every one of creme caramel cups except for a cheese one (sold out on the day I was there). I loved them all!! It is in a generously sized cup and was only $2.50 each and 6 for $13. I don't know how they can make ends meet. Everything else was also reasonably priced and tasted good. Yes, they have samples and these nice Japanese ladies insisted on trying them all:-) I will definitely go back and try everything else.

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Cheescake is Phenomenal!
By Tilda of Vancouver (downtown) (1 Review)
Submitted Friday, August 17, 2012 - 4:13pm [Take-out]

If anyone out there is looking for soft, fluffy cheesecake that melts in your mouth...Cake-ya is the place to find it! Best part is the level of sugar used is minimal, which allow your taste buds to enjoy the texture and the ingredient in the baked goods. Other than that, I am not a big fan for their pudding/custard cup. I am sure others will appreciate it more than I do. But I think their specialty is in cake, hence, Cake-ya!

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soooo good
By anneliese04 of port moody (4 Reviews)
Submitted Saturday, January 15, 2011 - 7:06pm [Take-out]

We live in port moody and so are lucky enough to have cake-ya very close. We've stopped by two weeks in a row to pick up our weekly desserts. So far we've had their cheesecake -- I love this because it's not too sweet, very creamy and has no crust (I don't like crust), we've also sampled a number of their custards (milk tea was our favorite), as well as their shortbread cookies and their pound cakes -- chocolate and matcha. Everything we've had has been amazing. The sweets are all delicate and not too sweet -- just like we had in Japan. It's the only place I go to now for desserts.

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