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Pizza Pizza

1000 Palladium Drive
Ottawa, ON K2V1A4
Tel: (613) 737-1111


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I got a note from Pizza Pizza
By MichelleLucid of Kanata (3 Reviews)
Submitted Saturday, January 14, 2012 - 2:33pm [Delivery]

I made this review for the Earl Grey location, but everyone seems to be posting those here, so I will follow suit and add it here as well....

Last night my boyfriend decided to order himself some wings from Pizza Pizza, as a vegetarian who is also Lactose Intolerant (I guess that makes me somewhat of a vegan) One of the only things I can order from there (aside from a cheeseless pizza) is their garlic sticks.

There was a Blizzard last night so delivery took approx 50 minutes, which is understandable.

When the food got her, my boyfriends wings were cold, but he decided it did not really bother him all that much. However; when I opened my box of garlic sticks I discovered they had decided to add an ingredient to them... cheese. I'm not sure why they did it, maybe they were trying to be friendly and if it was not for the fact that I can not handle dairy it would not have mattered but since that is not the case we called back. The customer service agent who handled the complaint was very nice and said she would send out a new order of bread sticks right away. It took over 50 minutes for the new ones to arrive when they did, the driver handed the box to my boyfriend and walked away before my boyfriend could check them. When my boyfriend came inside and opened the box he discovered that they had written a note on the inside of the box lid, it read: "We are sorry we ruined your garlic sticks with 2 slices of cheese, won't happen again". I'd like to mention that there was a lot more then "2 slices of cheese" and even if it was only two slices, there is not suppose to be any cheese on them at all. So this was their mistake and they decided to take it out on me by leaving a sarcastic note? I was and still am pretty furious about the note they left. When I called customer service regarding this they said they would lodge a service complaint and assured me the manager of the store would get it, however Since I can not find the store's phone number, only the 737-1111 number, I plan to make a visit to the manager myself regarding this.

It was insult to injury that my 2nd order of garlic bread was burnt, my boyfriend is confident that the second order was made poorly deliberately.

The last time I ordered from this location I went as a walk in, I am pretty sure I was served by the manager and the customer service was outstanding, to me and to everyone else I saw severed while I was waiting for my order to be prepared. It out-stands me that within the span of a week I can have the best and worst service ever at the same location.

There are many other posts that were made last night in regards to the poor service they received and I hope that those people also filled out a service complaint, the only way to stop bad customer service is to report it. I hope the Manager realizes that the staff he had working for him last night is treating his customers poorly and acts on it, because if this is not corrected I am sure I can find another restaurant that will be willing to accommodate me being "Vegan" and make me an order of garlic sticks minus the cheese without leaving nasty notes.

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