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Naked Fish Sushi

342 Richmond Road
Ottawa, ON K2A0E8
Tel: (613) 722-3474
  • Cuisine: Japanese, Sushi
  • Price: $$ ($15 - $30)
  • Service: Takeout, Delivery, Catering
  • Meals: Lunch, Dinner
  • Hours: Mon - Wed: 11AM - 8PM, Thu - Sat: 11AM - 9PM, Sun: 11AM - 8PM
  • Naked Fish Sushi is committed to providing our customers with fish and other seafood originating from sustainable sources. As an environmentally-minded business, we feel it is essential to help protect the future of fish stocks and keep our oceans healthy.


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By Hikeshi of ottawa nepean (1 Review)
Submitted Friday, February 1, 2013 - 3:40pm [Dine in]

I ordered the advertised Ramen Noodle special for lunch. The cashier didn't even know what Ramen was, not a good sign. But never the less I ordered the Duck Miso Ramen soup.

Really awful. It actually made me angry. The person who made this soup, obviously had never eaten a decent bowl of noodles in their life. The noodles were like the packaged instant type, pale white starch, undercooked, mushy, and rancid to boot. The soup was some sort of Thai base with miso mixed into it, tasteless, watery, and with some sort of vinegary finnish. To add insult to injury, they garnished it with a clump of shredded carrot hair, a little dried seaweed, and a handful of edamame. But the kicker was the red kidney beans, who puts kidney beans in Japanese soup? The only decent ingredient was the duck, which I assume they bought in Chinatown. This is obviously one of those mediocre franchises riding the wave of sushi popularity, driving the fish to extinction and catering to people ignorant of what a decent japanese meal really is. I don't even want to sample their so called sushi. I left without asking for a refund, which is what I should have done. I'm still angry.

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do you value your health?!?! health inspectors might wanna check this place out again and again and again.
By menasworld of North Van (1 Review)
Submitted Thursday, October 11, 2012 - 8:19pm [Dine in]

For being in the service industry for years, I really wasn`t all that impressed with this establishment. For those who have allergies to food be careful. especially if they are contact allergies that can occur from not properly cleansing cooking tools before re-using them. I`m also quite sure that while I was waiting for my few rolls that took almost an hour to make, the chef wasn`t wearing anything to protect his hands or the food. It took almost an hour to receive my rolls, which is ridiculous considering how much staff was working with the chef. Also I noticed that the cashiers are not only handling the cash but making some of the food. You might not see a problem with this, but they are often rushing back and forth from making food and dealing with customers. Money is quite possibly the dirtiest things to touch your hands. As for the cashiers serving, it wouldn`t be so bad if they didn`t look like they were awkwardly bringing you a lunch on a cafeteria tray. I`m almost POSITIVE anyone who has served for ANY time in their life would scoff at how these dishes are being placed on a cafeteria tray. It looked so difficult and bulky and just not at all fun to carry, especially since the plates are far too big for the tray itself. If I had to serve like that I would blow a gasket. Despite everything I had seen go on at this very deceiving place I ate my order and went on about my busy day. The rolls were mediocre at that. I am NOT a staff from a competing restaurant. I am from North Van. and have been working in restaurants across the country for years. Was in Ottawa for a few months visiting friends before flying on to Calgary (which if you actually want AMAAAAZING sushi, SHIKIJI has you covered. excellent, excellent food.) As for the regulars that go in, I`m sure you are only seeing what is meant for you to be seen for you to be impressed. For everyone who has been in the industry go for yourself and watch carefully. For those of you who have allergies to ANY of the ingredients there watch while everything is being made and ask how everything was made. For serious allergies this really isn`t any joke. I've posted on urbanspoon as well. also called in to the ottawa food and health dept. and made a complaint.

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