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Baalbek Convenience & Shawarmas

81 Bank Street
Ottawa, ON K1P5N2
Tel: (613) 560-2040 Order Online


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Utter and absolute garbage
By Baalbek Shawarma sucks of Ottawa, ON (1 Review)
Submitted Thursday, October 25, 2012 - 11:15am [Dine in]

This is by far the WORST shawarma Ive ever eaten in my life. First of all it 9 dollars for a trio. Most places offer trios for 7 dollars. Now i would be fine with the price if the food was worth it; but oh no my friends, it sucks ass on a monumental scale. I don't know where these idiots learned how to make garlic sauce, but it sure as hell wasn't on this planet, the garlic cause is the worst Ive ever eaten, it doesnt even taste like garlic. The amount of vegetables the lady puts on the shawarma is laughable. I was about to walk out because of how little she put. She put 2 PIECES OF ONION!! 2! wtf is this sh*t? She put 3 olive pieces, a tiny amount of turnip and one goddamn pickle. Like the reviewer above I had to press her for more because I like pickles. Now the potatoes..holy crap what a monstrosity, an embarrassment to potatoes themselves. These day old pieces of crap (btw she only put 6 in the carton, usually they put at least 12) were disgusting. They had no spices, no garlic, nothing. She had to put them in the goddamn microwave as well. Im not paying 10 dollars for a trio to eat microwaved food! So I sit down in this crackass joint, the tables are dirty, there are crackheads everywhere and I begin to unwrap the sandwhich. First of all the diameter of the sandwhich had to be an inch and a half at most. As soon as I unwrapped that garbage, the thing just disintegrated in front of me. The bread was so weak and the sauce was so wet that the bread couldnt even hold up on its own. I had to eat the goddamn thing with a fork. I seriously feel ripped off coming here. I am going to make sure I tell all my friends never to come here again and I hope the owner of Baalbek reads this. I honestly don't know how people come here to eat at this joint and I can't comprehend how this guy can afford the rent on such valuable property serving such garbage. YOUR SHAWARMA IS BAD AND YOU SHOULD FEEL BAD


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Worst Shawarma place in Ottawa
By shawarmaguy of Ottawa, Ontario (3 Reviews)
Submitted Friday, December 30, 2011 - 8:11pm [Dine in]

First off, the man asks me to pay BEFORE he makes my shawarma. What the hell. That's just like, violating every shawarma ordering laws out there, let alone anything food business related. But whatever, I'm hungry, maybe he's just a bit weird like that.
He tells me to go and wait for him at the shawarma stand, "be there shortly". I stand there as the guy, the owner of the place as it happens, starts chatting up the woman buying cigarettes at his conveniencey-store stand. And he chats. Chats and chats. Quips a bad jokes. Yo, man, I'm waiting for a shawarma here.
After a good ten minutes (at least fifteen since I payed), he finally comes over. As a good Canadian, I think to myself, oh well, it's not like I had anything better to do, I'll still get food and a drink for an okay price. He starts asking what I want in it.
This this and that.. he takes his cooking tweezers and picks them off the pile like they're radioactive rice beads and piles a thing the size of a penny. Tiny portions. Urgh. I try to insist on the pickles and garlic sauce (I always ask for lots of those), but then he gets angry and starts loudly rambling on about how things simply won't fit and he won't be able to close it and things'll fall apart when I try to eat it. Dude, nevermind that your portions were ridiculously insignificant to begin with and there was plenty of space to cater my demands, but shawarmas fall apart and leak everywhere when you eat them. It's part of the experience. And anyway, after making me wait that long, the least you could do is be just the tiniest bit more generous. Or you know, not rant at me like that and write a negative review about your terrible business. Anyway, getting ahead of myself.
So, finally, I have my food and I sit down on shabby looking chair at lusterless table (turns out that was just the poor light) and I realize he doesn't have heating. It's -30 celsius outside. Apparently he's mooching off the heating of the McDonald's next door and it isn't working too well. I take a bite; putrid nonsense. The wattery garlic is overpowered with the taste of these olives that make me think of what Black Plague ridden Paris probably would have smelled like. I'm not saying this literally but those were truly distasteful! And I didn't even ask for the olives, when the hell did he sneak those in?!

Bottom line, don't dine here. It's the one single worst shawarma place I've ever been to, out of Ottawa and Montréal, Toronto, even Vancouver.

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Never shop here again
By tonyaleigh2009 of Ottawa, Ontario (1 Review)
Submitted Wednesday, December 10, 2014 - 5:35pm [Dine in]

I will never shop here ever again.

I bought a package of smokes at this location on September 27 during rib fest in the evening here in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

The gentlemen there had the debit card reader under the counter and I thought to myself thats sketchy.

Fast forward to today - December 10th. Card gets flagged for illegal activity in INDIA? Bank calls me to say my card has been deactivated and they must send me another one by mail. On December 10th!! Right during christmas time! Wonderful. Thanks asshat at this store for screwing up my bank card.

I know that it was your store EXACTLY as the bank could tell me the exact amount and the date the transaction happened that had fraudulent activity happen, and because I keep such detailed records in my finances in Quickbooks I could flag exactly where I was that day and what store I was in and the exact address it happened in. I could pick you out in a line up if I had to. That is how good my memory is.

Guess they poached card numbers and sold my card info to someone.

You picked the wrong person to skim a bank card on idiot.

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Disgusting Shawarma Cont'd
By caramel88 of Ottawa - Center (1 Review)
Submitted Thursday, June 19, 2014 - 7:35am [Dine in]

As soon as I unwrapped the shawerma, everything fell apart and it was impossible to eat.The bread was so old and weak the bread couldnt even hold up on its own. and the garlic was so watery and tasted nothing like garlic. the hummos was disgusting and had nothing to do with chickpeas. the friggin potatoes are old and are probably microwaved 100 times to stay 'looking' like theyre new!!!!!!!!! your food is GARBAGE!!! It is SUCH a RIPOFF , im NEVER going there again and I made sure i told my friends not to go there!! I hope the owner reads this. You shouldnt be selling garbage food , you're ruining the reputation of a shawarma. that is NOT what a shawarma is supposed to taste like. YOUR SHAWARMA IS TERRIBLE. YOU SHOULD CLOSE DOWN and just keep the convenience store.

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