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Wonderful Szechuan Restaurant

1238 Ross Road
North Vancouver, BC V7K1L7
Tel: (604) 988-9927


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Worst service experience of my life.
By elord1993 of Lynn Valley (1 Review)
Submitted Saturday, June 20, 2015 - 3:04pm [Take-out]

I have had two pretty awful experiences with this restaurant, and it's safe to say after the last one I will NEVER go back there.

The first time was a few months ago during exam week at university. Myself and a couple buddies ordered food from Wonderful Szechuan and had it delivered to the school (Cap U--not that far from the restaurant, but none of us had cars and it was pretty late at night). As we were unpacking the food we realized they hadn't given us chopsticks. The cafeterias on campus were closed and of course nobody had any utensils lying around. What kind of Chinese food establishment doesn't include chopsticks with take out or delivery?? So we called the restaurant and they REFUSED to bring us chopsticks and even had the audacity to tell us that including chopsticks in a delivery was a "special request", which makes absolutely no sense. They were incredibly rude and stubborn over the phone and we had to eat our food with our fingers. Disgusting.

Deciding that maybe this was a one-time bad experience (and because I've worked in customer service for years and know sometimes bad things happen and didn't want to make a big deal of it), I went back to WS last night after a long work week and just wanting some chow mein. I ordered the shredded pork chow mein at the restaurant for take-out. When I got home I opened it and it was some sort of rice meal with egg. Not even close to what I ordered. So I called the restaurant to tell them they had given me the wrong order, and they told me to come to the restaurant and they would exchange it. Again, I don't have a car, and in any case I didn't think it was fair that I had to go all the way back to the restaurant because they had messed up. So I asked to have the right food delivered to me. The girl on the phone told me they were very busy and only had one delivery guy, and it would take at least an hour for him to bring me my food. It was about 7:30 at this point and I was hungry, but I let it go and just asked for it to be delivered ASAP. The guy shows up and gives me nothing but attitude, then demands that I give him the wrong dish they had given me. This is AN HOUR AND A HALF later, might I add, almost 9 o'clock, so of course I had eaten a bit of that dish, because I was HUNGRY and they took FOREVER. The guy proceeded to get angry that I had eaten some of it, raising his voice and saying "You should't have done that, you can't do that, why would you eat it if it wasn't what you ordered??" They NEVER told me on the phone they would want the other food BACK, and it never occurred to me that they would, because why on earth would they? It would just go into the garbage, would it not? It was COLD and definitely unsanitary if they tried to give it to someone else.

This is where it gets truly appalling. The guy then TRIES TO COME INTO MY HOUSE, and when I tell him to BACK UP he demands to use MY PHONE to call his boss. I refuse to let him do that, and then he yells at ME to call his boss and talk to her about all this. Then he demands to see how much of the food I had eaten. I showed him--probably more than half the container remained--and he said "it's almost all gone". Then he TOOK MY FOOD AND WALKED AWAY. So not only did I not get the food I actually ordered, but he took the food that I PAID FOR, so I was left with eleven wasted dollars and NO FOOD. I live in a basement suite and as he was leaving he bent down to my open window and yelled "F*CK YOU" at me through the window.

Horrified, I called the restaurant immediately and told them exactly what had just happened. The manager came on the phone and proceeded to chew me out in exactly the same way, questioning why I had eaten the food. Then she demanded I come down to the restaurant and they would refund me, but made no mention of if I would actually get my food. I refused to go down there, and then she HUNG UP ON ME.

I have never had a more awful, horrifying service experience in my life. The delivery guy was extremely aggressive and I am a young woman alone in my house--it was terrifying. And they basically stole from me because they took away the food I had actually paid for, not to mention being incredibly rude and stubborn. Worst experience ever, screw that place. Never going back again.

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