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Toyomi Sushi

223 Mountain Highway, #104
North Vancouver, BC V7J2K6
Tel: (604) 986-2988


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Lost in translation ?
By jediyves of North Vancouver (1 Review)
Submitted Wednesday, April 28, 2010 - 3:18pm [Dine in]

I was dropping off a package at the post office, when I remembered there is a Sushi place in the area. I didn't feel like having Save - ons sushi, so I went in.

Quiet and not crowded. I thought that's fine, I can use a little bit of peace. The staff also had a Michael Buble concert playing on the flat screen TV, so that was also pretty neat.

The server who was a nice gentleman, was attentive, he even wiped down the table twice before placing the menu down for me.

The sushi was served with a flower on a very long white plate, and I've never seen any sushi place do that before.

The lunch was good, all and all.
Everything was all in wonderland until I went to pay my bill.
As the lady behind the counter did her number and card business with my debit card, I said to the her, that it's nice to see a well presented dish, I don't see anyone use a long plate anymore.

The lady snapped back at me, asking me " What's the problem?". I had an awkward look at her, and I told her, that it's a compliment. Then she yelled back ' Why are you complaining?! It's good food! If you don't like it, you leave and never come back."

( My debit card didn't work, but I don't think this contributed to the incident.)

Then she went on a rant about how important presentation is when it comes to Culinary arts, and half of it I couldn't understand because of her Asian accent / broken English.

I had to say it to her twice " I like the plate, there's no problem", she still didn't get it. Finally, she threw the receipt at my face and buggered off.

Well I guess I am not having my film production crew order Sushi from Toyomi for our wrap party.

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Worst sushi experience in North Vancouver
By reneeko13 of North Vancouver (1 Review)
Submitted Friday, September 4, 2009 - 10:23pm [Dine in]

The food selection was mediocre, but they have a very limited menu...no tempura. Our party had ordered a chicken Teriyaki, which arrived as a sticky mass on rice. Trying to pick up a piece of chicken, the whole lot lifted up in a gluetenous, slimy mass. We asked to return it, the dish looked so bad it turned us off eating! Salmon maki was mushy and left a bad after taste.
Service is Terrible, the owner took offence that we told her the dish looked and tasted bad. She yelled and screamed at us (in front of our young children), and was very rude to her staff. Told us we were not welcome there and to get out. Then she yelled to stay there and that she called the police...ridiculous!
We had to pay the bill and she would not let us back in to finish our lunch, nor did she offer to pack our sushi to take out. Really I don't think we would have wanted to eat it after all.
Expensive...how does a bowl of udon noodles end up costing $11??
The bill for 4 items and 3 orange juices was $53 and the food was certainly not worth it!
As for ambience...there was none, the place it like one big kitchen with a few tables akwardly stuck in there! Should have gone with gut instinct...Wonder why there were no customers!!! I will not recommend this sushi place to anyone!

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