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Perk U Later Cafe

156 14th Street East
North Vancouver, BC V7L2N3
Tel: (604) 984-9980


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See Ya Later (Not!)
By Okaliswan of New Westminster (75 Reviews)
Submitted Monday, November 5, 2007 - 1:14pm [Dine in]

This soup and sandwich place is near the LG Hospital in North Van. Normally not the type of place I'd frequent or bother reviewing but I have a beef with this place.

I was required to spend most of 24 hours in the hospital emergency attending a friend and ended up in this place because it was the only thing open nearby mid-Saturday morning. The coffee was OK, but for about $7.00 I got a dried up pita with about two ounces of tuna masquerading as a "sandwich wrap". This is the kind of food you get from a place that is just about to go out of business and they are futilely trying to keep the business running by shaving the food.

I suppose places like this provide a service staying open near hospitals where there might not otherwise be sufficient demand to justify a real restaurant, but my experience in this place tells me they are counting on a captive clientele and ripping them off.

Unbelievably this hole actually has a website boasting a "mission" statement and a bunch of other philospohical BS that has no relationship to the product they actually sell.

It's bad karma to rip off people in need.

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Let Them Eat Cake
By JCapoeman of North Vancouver District (1 Review)
Submitted Friday, February 22, 2013 - 6:49pm [Take-out]

But if you're going to eat cake -- or anything else -- please be sure to do it elsewhere.

Anything -- even something from a gas station -- would be better than this.

I went in because they had a $5.99 soup and sandwich special advertised. Turns out that that price applies ONLY if you get a grilled cheese sandwich. If you want tuna, it works out to well over $8.

I told the person making the sandwich that I would not eat anything that had pepper on it, as I hated it. She assured me, several times, that there was no pepper whatsoever. The sandwich had so much pepper on it that it burned my tongue; I threw it out after one bite.

I also have an allergy to nightshades (red pepper,green pepper,eggplant and so on). This is not merely a preference; it is a health issue. I asked if there was red or green pepper in the soup and was told that there was not. Red pepper was one of the main ingredients in the soup (which was allegedly beef and barley). I threw it out after opening it.

I went to eat the crackers that had come with the soup but they were so old and stale that they actually BENT when I tried to bite into them.

Actually lying to a customer just to make a sale is a pretty good way of losing business. Or of getting sued.

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