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Pantry Restaurant, The

700 Old Lillooet Road, #110
North Vancouver, BC V7J3H5
Tel: (604) 985-4477


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Hold the butter, please.
By bordercollie of north vancouver (268 Reviews)
Submitted Monday, October 20, 2008 - 8:33pm [Dine in]

I decided to have breakfast and when I walked in, it wasn't very busy at 9am.
When I arrived, I was greeted by a friendly hostess, and my server was quick to arrive.
I decided on my order and wanted two eggs, multigrain toast, hashbrown and coffee. My server was attentive, and would come by throughout the meal to check, if I needed anything.
I found my breakfast was loaded with butter, my toast, was soggy & lost its appeal to eat. I did eat my egg's which where good, and could only eat a small portion of my hashbrown.
I was surprised for a hotel location, this spot wasn't busy, this may explain why the chef wanting to "spread" his talents with too much butter.
I doubt I will be back.

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family dining
By chasiubow of North Van (675 Reviews)
Submitted Friday, July 4, 2008 - 2:36pm [Dine in]

I was craving dinner and so was Mrs. C, so we scrambled off to the Pantry. This place is in the Holiday Inn that replaced the old Coach House, a venerable drinking establishment.

The new and extremely family friendly incarnation is about what you would expect. Dark pastel colors, bad art on the walls, comfy booths, and servers with names that end in "ie", like Debbie. The food is unpretentious, which is exactly what you want in this sort of place.

I had a 3-alarm burger which is a mushroom cheeseburger with sliced banana peppers, and Mrs. C had a chicken curry pasta bowl. Both were fine, and neither meal surprised nor disappointed. Actually, I thought my burger was pretty good, as were the fries. The curry was a little too sweet and mild for my beloved dining companion, but she said it was good enough.

Recommended as a good place to take granny and the kids.

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Pantry......Wantry......Horrible Horrible........
By maggiemia of East Vancouver, BC (27 Reviews)
Submitted Sunday, May 1, 2011 - 5:09pm [Dine in]

First time there with my girlfriend and the Restaurant was hard to find, they need to trim some of those trees down so I can see the Pantry sign.
First thing when we went in the Hostess was more preoccupied counting receipts than finding us a table. Table was not clean enough, bottles (HP sauce) were open not twisted closed.
When ordering my coffee there was no small spoon given, I had to stir it with my knife. I ordered the Pulled Pork Sandwich and my friend ordered the Breakfast, the pancakes that came with her order looked like someone took a big bite of it and there was some charred bits from the grill still on it also (GROSS).
She ordered her eggs medium but it came overcook and rubbery. My pulled pork dish was not that great also, when ordering more "endless fries" the waitress gave me an "annoyed" look and it made me feel crappy.
Waitress was extremely slow with drink refills and service!!!
Take our advice.......don't go there!!!!!

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Pretty lame Milhouse...
By 778guy of Vancouver (18 Reviews)
Submitted Monday, June 6, 2011 - 7:01pm [Dine in]

First off If you got the Simpson's quote in my title give yourself a pat on the back;) Now on to the "Pantry", in the words of the late Chris Farley (RIP) "this place... IS A DUMP", its not that the restaurant is dirty or falling apart but its just plain boring and unappetizing, the decor and atmosphere remind me of dinners at my Grandma's old folks home. Since my above description lacks specifics I will try to paint you a picture, bland colors, generic and dated art on the walls (minus some really cool retro toys in a glass case by the buffet) semi beat up booths, screaming undisciplined children (yes I know it is a family restaurant but there is NO excuse for screaming children in a public place, im sorry but if you cant control your offspring's behavior you have no right to eat out and ruin other people's dining experiences, not to mention driving the staff postal).

We went for the Sunday brunch buffet witch is actually a good idea semi well done (Unlike places like Whitespot the Pantry understands that people tend to get up later in the day on weekends and still want to eat breakfast/brunch food, it runs till 2pm). Unfortunately the Brunch Buffet fails miserably and here's why. First off the price is way too high ($15.99 for Adults, $13.99 for seniors and $7.99 for children) this price does NOT include tax or a drink. Second, the food is crap, everything manages to taste bland or stale and even items brought out fresh are overcooked and have the consistency of things left under a heat lamp for way too long.I hate to use generic food snob lingo but the menu at the Pantry is "uninspired" to say the least. I suppose it is supposed to be "comfort food" but its about as comfortable as drying yourself with a wet used towel after a shower. In other words High price+poor food = BAD VALUE.

As for the service, it leaves much to be desired. The staff are nice and fairly friendly people and I don't mean to be too hard on them but things are done at a snails pace and disorganization is the word of the day. We waited about 5 mins before the hostess even acknowledged our presence, refills on water/coffee have to be flagged down and once your lackluster experience is finished and its time to pay they seem to play keep away! In conclusion the Pantry is not worth the price of admission, the food is bad and the service is lousy. I feel genuine sadness for the staff, patrons and unfortunate hotel guests who make the mistake of eating there. A better use of the space would be to close the restaurant and use it as storage for chairs and out of season decorations from the hotel. NEVER AGAIN...

Since I hate to leave you on a sour note I will offer a suggestion as an alternative to the Panty. Head down to main and mtn hwy, cross the tracks and pop in to the Lynnwood coffee shop (yes I'm being serious). The decor is dated but there is genuine historical pride in it. The staff are hard working friendly as hell characters and there is genuine love in the food they serve plus the prices are reasonable. Enjoy!!

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How much time do you have?
By WISHING of north vancouver BC (1 Review)
Submitted Tuesday, September 14, 2010 - 5:27pm [Dine in]

Wanting to catch a late breakfast/lunch on a Sunday morning did not turn out as it should have. I entered the restrauant and was seated quickly. Then the hostess disappeared, and sat three othe people right behind me. I over heard her asking if they would like coffee. (never asked me) . Then another waitress comes by and as she is about to pass me, turns back and askes "Coffee". Yes I answer. Not asking about my meal. Well after 15 minutes of watching two waitresses laughing at the front and comparing their weekend activities, I got up and left. Can't believe in these days of people looking for jobs, this restrauant does not hire some "real" help that want to work, and not just collect their pay cheque.
GO somewhere else, like McDonalds. Service would be faster and you know what to expect from the food.

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Great Brunch
By Charley of Montreal (1 Review)
Submitted Thursday, January 12, 2012 - 5:25pm [Dine in]

While staying at the Holiday Inn on Business for a few days, had a few meals during the week and brunches on Saturday and Sunday. Have eaten in a lot restaurants but I found their Brunches more than excellent for the price. I would highly recommend this Pantry. I'll stop here again when in North Vancouver.

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