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In Grain Pastificio

1133 Mt. Seymour Rd
North Vancouver, BC V7H2Y5
Tel: (604) 988-8926


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First Impression - Meh
By WeLoveFood of North Vancouver (53 Reviews)
Submitted Friday, July 24, 2015 - 11:44pm [Dine in]

Brand spanking new place serving alternative / gluten free pastas located in the Safeway plaza on the way up to Mount Seymour. We are local diners and since there are only about 4 decent eateries in the area we zoomed over as soon as they opened to see the digs and check out the food. We always want to like and support the local eateries but judging by our initial visit this will not be anywhere on the top of our "local" bites list.

Let's start with the positive. The decor is well done. Stone, wood, glass elements all carefully integrated... it's a nice place to walk into. It goes a little downhill from here...

Onto the service. They have modeled this place after places like Formosa Pizzeria on the drive where they give you a menu and a seat then you go order at the counter (a tip is expected when you pay for the food) and then take your own drinks and water to the table and wait for someone to bring your food. Question begs why is a tip expected up front when you're not sure what the quality of food or service is going to be? My dinner partner ordered and paid and tipped 10% instead of our usual 15% and said he felt stupid giving them anything but was too embarrassed not to. Still, if the food was good we could deal with this set up.

So, the food: We ordered a Salumi plate (antipasto), a mixed green salad and kamut pasta. Pay attention people, go to Via Tevere on Victoria Drive and see how to do a real antipasto platter!
The best thing was the bread, proper semi-dunkel rustic european style bread. When a restaurant puts the bread on the platter you know they're just filling up real estate with it. Bread should be served on the side or serve it on a larger board. The salad was drenched and I mean drenched in vinaigrette. Both of us are salad lovers and will eat almost anything resembling a salad, but the dressing was way too sweet and did I say drenched? It came in a little 70's era soup bowl and was basically a clump of soggy greens with a ton of either raisins or dried berries and some sunflower or other seeds. All we could say was YUCK. The kamut pasta was tossed with peas, I think ricotta and arugula. Somehow it managed to be hot only in the very middle and pretty much cold radiating out. It was edible, that's the best I can say. All pastas are about $15.00. Cheap for a restaurant but expensive for a self service place....

I told my dining partner we should let them get their training wheels off and go back and try them again in a few weeks but he said I'd have to go with someone else, he was so not impressed!

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