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Buddha-Full Fresh Juice and Smoothies

106 W 1 Street
North Vancouver, BC V7M1A9
Tel: (604) 349-0419


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By foodyfudder of North Vancouver (8 Reviews)
Submitted Sunday, June 11, 2017 - 10:46am [Dine in]

This location just opened and we've never been to the other one near Lonsdale. We were so looking forward to trying this out because we are vegetarian and there is only 1 other vegan eatery east of the Seymour. We walk in on a Sunday around 1 pm, hungry and ready to eat. It was moderately busy and the decore is right up our alley. That's what the 1 star is for. We try to read the menu on the wall and the writing is smallish but to our surprise we see no prices. We heard from our neighbour they got a smoothie there and paid $11 to find that it tasted just like juice. But that didn't deter us from wanting to try it out ourselves.

We ask a girl with very short dark brown pixie hairdo if she had a menu with some prices on it for us to look at. To our dismay she aggressively announces in a loud and condescending tone, "WE DON'T HAVE PRICES, WE WON'T BE GETTING PRICES FOR A LITTLE WHILE." In response to our somewhat puzzled looks she adds, "ALL THE PRICES ARE ONLINE", then abruptly shuts the conversation down starts talking to someone else. I typed that exactly the way she came across, in all caps "how dare you be low class enough to not go online and check the prices before you walk in here" tone. Let me clarify that we are dressed in clean attire without holes, we are well-manicured, normal people who speak to others in kind tones. We are also not poor or cheap, plus we eat out ALOT. My spouse works at one of Vancouver's high end restaurants where guests regularly spend $1000 or more per meal and they have menus with PRICES. The main thing about this experience that appalled us is that a person working in a service capacity could speak to people as though she owns the place and doesn't actually care if people like it or not, and this in IN THEIR FIRST WEEK IN BUSINESS in a new location. We walked out, got into our car and drove 8 minutes over the bridge to spend $60 at Tacofino on lunch, where we had wonderfully friendly service, great vegetarian food choices, and PRICES.

By the way, we did go online to their website to check and there are no prices there either, so pixie girl was not only rude, she was also wrong.

One day, I'm assuming we'll actually end up eating here since we live nearby but for now that very first impression that they had only one chance to make was blown to smithereens by one single employee. It'll be awhile until we make it back there, if at all.

UPDATE: My son works near this place and went in for a smoothy and salad. He said the place is nice but he doesn't not need to go there again because although his smoothy was good, it wasn't worth $11, his salad was also good, but not big or yummy enough to be worth $15 in a plastic container. Especially because you don't know what you're paying until they ring it up. His work break lunch cost him nearly $30 because of course they also expect a tip. After he told us this, I told him about our first try and we had a chuckle.

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