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Pizza Garden

800 Carnarvon St, #255
New Westminster, BC V3M0G3
Tel: (604) 520-3050


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The BEST Pizza in New Westminster
By ErinLauren of North Delta, B.C. (12 Reviews)
Submitted Friday, July 27, 2018 - 1:13pm [Dine in]

Just did a lunch pick up here. Super fresh... crust is light and amazing. Generous toppings. Quick service. And make sure you try some of the self serve garlic sauce! PHENOMINAL. 2 slices for 5 bux after tax is a no brainer for a quick lunch!

You must try this place! You will thank me!

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Best Pizza in New West
By Gambolling_Gourmet of New Westminster (19 Reviews)
Submitted Friday, October 5, 2012 - 4:30pm [Dine in]

I know that title sounds like hyperbole, but I am sincere that I think this is the best pizza I have yet had in New Westminster (and I've tried several over the last five years), and pretty much anywhere in the lower mainland. The only pizza I ever had that I might have liked more was Dids Pizza, near the old Yale hotel, in Vancouver. But that shut down back in the late 80s, or early 90s. Aldo's pizzas (Aldo's Pasta Bar), here in New West, are pretty darn good, but not quite as good as Pizza Garden.

Anyway, Pizza Garden has a really homemade thinish crust that tastes wonderful; so much better than the factory crusts that most takeout pizza comes with. And an excellent pomodoro tomato sauce. And the toppings are very high quality, fresh, and not overdone in quantity like most takeout pizzas. Some of the toppings are rather unusal, and offer a nice change from the same-old same-old, such as soppressatta; white truffle oil; homemade fennel sausage; arugula; capers, and more.

The delivery service is fast, almost always under 30 minutes (mind you, I order every weekend, so I have been marked as a "special" customer, so your mileage might vary), and the pizza is often so warm that I actually let it sit for about 5-10 minutes to be the right eating temperature.

They keep a tight focus on specializing in pizzas, but they do have a couple of other dishes; a couple of salads, one called the Fior de Latte-Pomodoro, which while really good is, I think, a bit overpriced; chicken wings, and house-baked bread. And that brings me to my only complaint, in that I think the prices are just a wee tad too high.

The eat-in ambience is fairly poor because it is not an eat-in place -- they have a couple of tables, but its really a takeout/delivery joint. I did not want to bring down the overall review rating, so I chose Solid.

I highly recommend Pizza Garden for your next takeout pizza.

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Extremely bad customer service
By csyang of Burnaby (3 Reviews)
Submitted Friday, December 11, 2015 - 7:47pm [Take-out]

I ordered a X-large veggie pizza to go and asked the person on the phone to leave a quarter of the pizza without cheese cause my kids are allergic to dairy. The staff(Sam) told me it's not gonna be exactly a quarter because cheese melt. I totally understand because I worked at a pizza joint myself before. I said as long as there are some slices that's without cheese then I'm totally fine, it doesn't have to be exactly a quarter of the pizza.

When my hubby picked up the pizza and brought it home, the whole pizza has cheese on top! I called them immediately. The staff (Sam) told me they didn't make any mistake. He told the person who made the pizza to leave a quarter without cheese and he did. I asked him then how come my whole pizza has cheese!? He said as he mentioned on the phone, he can't promised it's a quarter without cheese?! Are you kidding me? I told him, if today I received a pizza with 20%, 15% or even 10% without cheese then I wouldn't make this phone call. But I called because a received a pizza with 100% cheese on the whole pizza! how can you said you didn't make any mistake!!!? He then said then probably I don' know what cheese looks like on the pizza!? Ridiculous! I request to speak to a manager to have this issue resolved immediately. He said there's nothing he can do and he's the person in charge for the time I called. Then he disconnected the phone!

Unbelievable!!!!! I would never ordered a pizza from them again. They ruined my dinner and my kids was left without dinner to eat!

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Pizza Garden Deux
By BrockF of Vancouver (east) (4 Reviews)
Submitted Thursday, May 16, 2013 - 1:41pm [Take-out]

The review posted below me is absolutely right! Pizza Garden is awesome. Lots of pizza places in the Lower Mainland, and being a pizza snob there's only a few I really dig. I wrote a review on their Smithe location in downtown Vancouver and I hadn't had the chance to try it again until I stopped into their New Westminster location. It's conveniently located right at the skytrain station, bonus.

Pizza Garden offers quite authentic tasting Neopolitan pizza and do it by the slice, and even offer delivery. I grabbed a couple of slices and a drink to go and it only came to $5! Their fior de latte cheese really makes the pizza, it melts perfectly in that wood fired oven and their brilliantly red tomato sauce is super fresh.

It's cool that you can get pizza of an 'upper crust' quality (pun completely intended) in New West without having to sit down for a restaurant meal that will cost you an arm and a leg. Pizza Garden has a nice thing going. It's been consistently great each time I've had it and I definitely will be having it time and time again.

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