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4750 Rutherford Road, Unit 131
Nanaimo, BC V9T4K6
Tel: (250) 585-3334
Neighbourhood: Rutherford Mall

Other Locations

1.Real Canadian Superstore (2.1 km)
2.Departure Bay (2.1 km)
3.North Island (2.6 km)
4.Windgrove (3.1 km)
5.Bowen (4.4 km)
6.Princess Royal (6.5 km)
7.Malaspina University (7.9 km)
8.Port Place (8.7 km)
9.5th St (9.3 km)
10.South Island (12.2 km)

Nearby Restaurants

1.Montana's Cookhouse (157 m)
2.Buzz Coffee House, The (247 m)
3.McDonald's (305 m)
4.Zellers Family Restaurant (305 m)
5.Dancing Goat Coffee (305 m)
6.Taco Time (309 m)
7.Starbucks (333 m)
8.Kelsey's (340 m)
9.Grand Hotel (346 m)
10.Saigon Kitchen (350 m)