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Schwartz's Deli

3895 Saint-Laurent Boulevard
Montreal, QC H2W1X9
Tel: (514) 842-4813
Fax: (514) 842-0800
Neighbourhood: Quartier Latin
  • Cuisine: Deli
  • Price: $ ($15 or less)
  • Service: Takeout, Catering
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Hours: Mon - Thu: 8AM - 12:30AM, Fri: 8AM - 1:30AM, Sat: 8AM - 2AM, Sun: 8AM - 12:30AM
  • World famous Schwartz's, serving the best smoked meat from the original recipe of spices since 1928.


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This is no longer the great smoked meat place it was for 80 years.
By cigar06 of vancouver (15 Reviews)
Submitted Thursday, November 14, 2013 - 8:39pm [Dine in]

I have been eating at Schwartz's since the 1960's. I cannot count the number of sandwiches I have eaten there. Every sandwich was awesome. Every sandwich was tasty and tender. Not anymore!! I have attempted to eat at many other delis as well but always felt that Schwartz's set the standard that all others were compared to. Thousands of people have done the same you can see on many blogs. My wife and I went twice in October. The first time we were stunned by the horrible sandwich we got. It was completely tasteless, dry and hard to chew. WOW!! None of the original cooks were there. This was a whole new crew. I had read the place sold for 10 million reportedly to Celine Dion and others. Celine Dion had owned "Nickels" and obviously knew something about smoked meat. Normally I would never return to a place after such an experience. But I had been going there for some 45 years. I hoped this was just an off day or maybe a trainee. We went back several days later to try again. Same terrible sandwich!! I had to believe the meat was way overcooked and under brined or something. I have over steamed smoked meat before and it usually becomes crumbly but not dry and hard to chew. It must be the preparation of the meat. I overheard the cooks talking to one of the waiters about how the meat should be and how to slice it. The cooks obviously don't know!! Anyone who knew what smoked meat should be like would never serve that meat. I would throw it in the garbage.

This is a tragedy. Celine Dion and others might legally own it but Schwartz's belongs to all of us. For decades we put up with the grubby place and the over aggressive service. But we all accepted this for the privilege of eating there. It was like a shrine.

Don't let these people with money get away with this!! Stand up for your rights. Object. Send back your sandwich if it is subpar. Tell everyone you can. Post reviews everywhere if you share the same experience we had.

What's more maddening is I have made my own smoked meat so often I know exactly how to fix their problem. It is not that hard.

There is something very suspicious going on here!!! Where have all the staff gone?? They claim to be using the same recipe as 1928!! Baloney!! The briskets in the window don't even look the same. If memory serves me Nickels did not do very well and had to close some locations. I ate at the Ottawa one a few times and found it very mediocre.

Well sadly I can no longer recommend Schwartz's. It is not just a little bit worse. It is now the worst smoked meat in North America I'm guessing. If you do go there as an experiment return the sandwich if it is no good. Don't let them just rely on tourists or people who don't know what smoked meat should be like.

Let your anger be heard people!

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