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Salt and Pepper

35 Brunel Road
Mississauga, ON L4Z3E8
Tel: (905) 568-9300
Neighbourhood: Gateway


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Worst Customer Service
By thepokerstar of Niagara Falls, Ontario (1 Review)
Submitted Friday, January 6, 2012 - 10:04am [Take-out]

Ok, so i have been to this restaurant numerous times. The food is good but service is terrible. Apparently the owners do not care about any customer service. You just have to be lucky that everyhting should go ok when you dine or take out at this place.
This past tuesday i dropped few people at the toronto airport and decided to do a take out on my way home. I gave my order and everything went well. Just after few minutes when i hopped on the highway , all the food spilled in the car and i got really upset so i called the restaurant and spoke to the server(Varun) who did not seems to really care and i hung up. But after few minutes i called the restaurant again and wanted to speak to the manager. The manager was not there so Varun offered me to put my call throught to the owner to which i agreed, after putting me on the brief hold he said the owners are not here(complete lie). So he said that he can take my number and ask the owners to call me back, i asked him that is it for sure that they will call, then he got confused and said i am not sure. That shows that the owners did not want to deal with the problem. I really did not want anything since i was already away but a little apology but to this date owners hasn't called me back. Varun did not even offer me to replace my meal, forget about the damage done to my car.

Another note- every server has told me that they do not receive tips . The owner keep all the tips so next time if you ever want to leave a tip for a server, please give it in his hand when no one is looking at you. There is no sense of giving extra 15-20 % to the owners. I believe they just take advantage of all the students who are in despirate need of jobs to cover up their educational expenses.

They have lost my business and everyone i know.

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