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Krazy Cactus

6405 Erin Mills Parkway
Mississauga, ON L5N4H4
Tel: (905) 812-0008
Neighbourhood: Streetville


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Good food and great service, cancelled out by bad management
By Walterss of Toronto (1 Review)
Submitted Saturday, July 27, 2013 - 11:58pm [Dine in]

Just to preface that I specifically created an account just to voice my
displeasure with the management. I don't like to give good/bad reviews as
people should judge for themselves, however I think I will start from now on.

We had a coupon from the Entertainment book and chose this restaurant over a
few others in an effort to try a new place which will become a regular. We
walk in and the place had 4-6 people in the bar, around the same on the patio
and in the main dining room there was not a diner in sight. This should have
set off alarm bells however we have been to places near empty at first and get
busy later, and regardless we judge on the food & service anyways. (We
regularly come to Catz fish and chips next door however it is a different name

If you are not familiar, the Entertainment book is where the restaurant
themselves have a coupon for 'xx' dollars off a purchase of any 2 lunch or
dinner (almost 2 for 1 depending on what you order). This usually excludes
apps and specials. In the case of this place, it was up to $25 with purchase
of another dinner. We find this is an excellent way to try or 'test' new
places while seeing how they handle their own coupon, etc and hopefully find
new hangouts.

We usually order drinks (non-alcoholic) 2 dinners and some apps and maybe a
dessert if there is room, so it is not as if we just go in ordering water and
just dinner and run. Waitress confirmed it was anything on the menu
excluding the apps which is understandable.

Service by waitress was quick and we were eating in no-time. We had 2 orders
of ordered 16 wings, an onion ring basket. mozza sticks and some pop.
Onion rings were good, mozza was not worth it, however the wings were
surprisingly large and meaty with good sauce coverage. We regularly visit
Buffalo Wings and we actually found this a bit better. So we thought we may
have found a good new regular place for wings.

The dining room remained empty throughout our dinner although a few people
came into the bar area. Maybe this place gets busy later, however for a prime
time Saturday night, this was puzzling and it should have been a warning. It
felt like we had rented the whole dining area for the night, which was not
half bad, being peaceful and quiet dinner.

So come time to pay, the waitress informs us that her manager notes that this
coupon is not valid on wings and is intended to be for other items such as
souvlaki, etc.

This is the Discount Description:

Enjoy one complimentary LUNCH OR DINNER ENTREE when a second LUNCH OR DINNER

ENTREE of equal or greater value is purchased - maximum discount $25.00

valid anytime

We asked our waitress if she could check again to see if they could do
anything and she returned and mentioned that their manager was nice enough to
take both apps off the bill.

We have used Entertainment coupons everywhere for MANY years and this is the
first place where we have encountered resistance to THEIR OWN COUPON.

Being a long day we just accepted and mumbled, grumbled and left, vowing to
never ever come back due to the way we were treated even though the food was
not bad.

A Saturday night... near empty.... poor waitress and collecting tips for the
night.... 2 potential new repeat customers trying a new place and getting
resistance in using their own coupon by the rules.

I realize we have a 'coupon' and we do not drink alcohol, however if you do
not want to honour YOUR OWN COUPON properly, than maybe DO NOT OFFER A COUPON.
(Also, do not think we are cheap, as we dropped hundreds on a meal a few
weeks ago at a high end sushi joint ('Ja Bistro' downtown) and service/food
was impeccable.). If you do not appreciate new customers and my new money,
than I will thankfully after this visit, never give you another cent ever.

To top it off as we were driving away, we spotted a family of 4 peaking
through the window and stopped and went next door to Tim Hortons, which is
what we should have done in hindsight.

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