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Friends Fish and Chips

398 East Lakeshore Road
Mississauga, ON L5G1H5
Tel: (905) 271-1200
Neighbourhood: North Shore


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Lazy Careless Cook, No Quality Control
By Ramydamdam of Port Credit Mississauga (1 Review)
Submitted Saturday, May 18, 2013 - 9:27am [Dine in]

AWFUL PLACE TO EAT. The really tall man that is the cook is incredibly LAZY. He wouldn't know what "QUALITY CONTROL" was if it jumped up and bit him on the face. WATCH HIM PREPARE THE FOOD and you will see. The toast is ALWAYS under toasted (white). He is so LAZY he only cuts the toast 1/2 way and plops the butter on. My bacon was RAW, he wanted to deep fry it again (that's healthy), I said NO and got my money back. This cook takes NO PRIDE in his cooking, NONE what so ever. He doesn't care. I watched him take a basket of fries from the fryer and plunk them in a box without shaking off the excess grease, the fries were loaded with grease. He is so LAZY. I got fish and chips there once and the oil in the fryer wasn't hot enough so when my order was ready the batter on the fish was still white and saturated with grease, as were the fries. He could care less. HE IS SO LAZY! He doesn't care. He uses his "hands" to maul your food before you get it when he should be using tongs and plastic gloves when touching food. Health code violations here in preparing the food no doubt.

Caution to the new Chinese owners: This man is going to destroy your business. Word of mouth is the most POWERFUL form of advertising and Friendly's (Friends) Fish and Chips is at the bottom of the barrel of places to eat in Port Credit. You see mostly a lower-end clientele ( homeless looking types) eating at this business. The ketchup tastes funny and the squeeze bottles are often sticky and/or greasy, as is the salt and pepper shakers. It's a SLOP HOUSE with substandard food, in my opinion. If you are a custom to well prepared good food where the cook takes PRIDE and QUALITY CONTROL in what he serves the public then this place is NOT FOR YOU.

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