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Green Tea Asian Cuisine

1009 S Wonderland Rd
London, ON N6K3V1
Tel: (519) 668-1617 Order Online
Neighbourhood: Westmount


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Best lobster in town.
By CodeJerry of london, on (1 Review)
Submitted Sunday, August 7, 2011 - 12:05am [Dine in]

They make the best lobster in town and give you the entire lobster. For like $10 per person which is amazing! They cook it anyway you like like most dishes but some reviews are completly ignorant of that. They are used to buffets and places that just server the same dish to everyone! Anyway the best way i like my lobster is chopped garlic steamed and Ooooommmmgg its amazing. Best lobster ever. Well i only had lobster from here in london which sucks. Dim sum is cheap dishes start at $2 dollars and most of them except for noodles are under $5.. but noodles. The noodles are huge though enough to feed several people and start at $10-20. I suggest not trying congee if you don't like rice soup. I have been going every sunday since the day it opened. They all know me and i always tip well because they know how to serve you they arn't like most places that say no we cant do that. Its usually fast but can take time depending on the amount of people and it gets full sometime.. I have asked for custom orders lots of times like just normal steamed carrots and veggies which they will do if you ask.

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Great birthday feast !
By cuisinefan of London Ontario (1 Review)
Submitted Monday, August 1, 2011 - 7:09am [Dine in]

We are always looking for authentic, well cooked Chinese food in London, On, for both dim sum & dinner - this restaurant certainly fits the bill & more. They also have some Thai & Vietnamese items (which I have not yet tried).

They serve a wide variety of dim sum Sat & Sun - quality of each pastry, steamed dumpling, fried dumplings - excellent taste & selection. They feature a lobster noodle dish (in season) that's a real treat at lunch time!
They have Peking duck as a standing item on the menu - I still book ahead (1 day) to avoid last minute sell-out. The dish is outstanding. The first course is the thin pancakes, with crispy duck skin - perfect, crispy & not greasy. The second course is diced duck piece with vegetables, with crisp fresh lettuce leaves in a crystal fold.

Sea food lovers will be delighted. They have live lobsters, crab, & seasonal fish. The lobster can be steamed with ginger & green onions, stir fried with ginger & green onion, or my favourite - stir fried with black bean sauce. You can vary the size of your order - if a large party - order 4-5. If you're by yourself - 1 whole lobster - what luxury ! The whole fish is fresh - I've tried the whole steamed pickeral - wonderful !

Our meat favourite is the beef tenderloin with hoisin on the sizzling platter - juicy & tasty. We've tried the Captain Tao chicken - slightly spicey & tart - very good.

The service is polite & attentive. The restaurant is was completely re-modelled from a fast food pizza place. Tables, dishes, cutlery are clean. The food presentation is excellent.

If you're going for dim sum, 11-11:30 am is good arrival time, as it fills up completely by noon. If you're going to be later than 11:30am, reservations are a good idea.

They also have seasonal specials with availability of items. Last week, they were featuring a 7 pound lobster (Yes - it was huge & live!!), served in 3 courses - WOW ! We had already pre-ordered the Peking duck, but will be something to look forward to for our next visit !!

I also booked a 50th birthday celebration - dinner for 14 guests. We pre-ordered the menu with the Manager 3 days prior to the event - 12 courses. Everyone was delighted & we had ample food to take home for the next day !

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Mediocre dim sum; rude service - Green Tea Asian Cuisine (“荣华”something) at Wonderland S, London, Ontario
By londoner001 of London, Ontario (1 Review)
Submitted Sunday, March 6, 2011 - 2:55pm [Dine in]

The Green Tea Asian Cuisine (with Chinese name being “荣华”something) is a newly opened dim sum restaurant in London, Ontario. My family went there several times because it was new, but our experience got worse every time we went there - the food is not as authentic as some old dim sum restaurants in London, and the service is slow. And today the restaurant topped that with unbelievable rudeness, so we are not going there any more.

My family went there around noon today. The receptionist did not take our names down and said it would take just several minutes to seat us. We waited for about 15 minutes to see that they seated at least two parties who arrived after we. I talked to the receptionist and a male manager cut in, interrupting my words, to say that they did not have to take the names down. I walked away to continue waiting. Then the manager approached me and said: "You should not be upset about us. That's how I run my business!" I was really astonished by his attitude, "Why do you think you are entitled to tell me that I should or should not be upset? As a customer I expect to be treated with respect." Then the guy asked me to leave and said "or I'll call the police!" Absolutely unbelievable. Throughout the time I did not raise my voice while this guy kept interrupting me with loud broken English. Walking out of that place, my family could not help laughing, wondering what on the earth this guy came from. The restaurant was opened not long ago, and I doubt it can last very long.

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