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Kalma Family Restaurant

20555 56 Avenue, #9
Langley, BC V3A3Y9
Tel: (604) 532-0776


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very bad,dissapointing service
By onin of Langley B C (1 Review)
Submitted Sunday, May 17, 2015 - 12:45pm [Dine in]

We got there on a sunday at 11:10am and the waiter told us if we ordered not the regular deal breakfast for $5.99. Then we would not know when our food would be done if we ordered on the menu.

So we waited till 11:45am and still wasnt ready yet, then went to the back and checked and the order would take another 20 mins.

So it looked like they didnt even start the order so we leaved the place right away.We waited for so long and the server even made us to pay our coffee!! "I mean really" what's wrong with this restaurant.

Looks like we had a a bad experience so we will never go back again :(

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Poor, slow service
By anatomy of vancouver (1 Review)
Submitted Sunday, September 2, 2012 - 12:50am [Dine in]

This place has gone downhill since it came under new management a few months back, and even back then it was mediocre at best. I came in for a Sunday breakfast at about 4 pm, and waited for more than half an hour for my food. The best part? There where at max 6-7 open menus, and the service was still moving at a snails pace. I've been a cook for the past 3 years in various restaurants so I know the basics of the industry well.

I had the "Eggs Blackstone", and for a dish consisting of poached eggs, English muffins and bacon it should not have taken a half hour. Bill time on something like that should be 10 minutes MAX. The server didn't give me any update on my food at all throughout the wait time. No "There's going to be a wait, do you want to stay or leave?" Because if she had told me it would take half an hour I would've walked out with no hesitation. *Note that the server wasn't the older lady who is the owner, she's a much better server. It was a young woman.

They where also out of English muffins, but I wasn't told until 20 minutes after being sat, so that tells me they didn't even start making my dish until 20 minutes later at least. There was only one older gentleman cooking, so it's not surprising it took a bit longer, but if service is that slow every Sunday they should bring in someone to help him during the rush so people aren't sitting around having to enjoy the eccentric, cluttered and dated decor with empty stomachs. When the food finally did come it was mediocre. It was seasoned, but it would be hard to screw up a dish of salty bacon and hollandaise sauce on bread. The hollandaise sauce was also over portioned and nearly overflowing off the plate which as a bit off putting. The eggs where well cooked. Oh, and I also got to enjoy the server and her family sitting in a booth adjacent to mine (Literally 1.5 meters away, they had the whole place and they sit next to me...) with loud children and them constantly talking, so when I finally did get my food I ate to the sound of a family get together which was extremely annoying and completely unprofessional. The meal came out to 12$ with coffee.

I've been to the Kalma previously too and have tried other items such as the Roast beef dinner, and it was extremely bland. The veg was boring, unseasoned, sad blanched cauliflower and carrots. The roast beef was tender but textureless and unseasoned, and I swear the gravy was instant gravy out of a package. If if wasn't instant than it just sucked. I've also tried the sandwiches and they where better, but again nothing special. This place has no wow factor, and nothing about the food is interesting or appetizing.

My critique may seem harsh but I have no idea how people give this place such great reviews. If I had to use a few adjectives to describe it it would they would be: Boring, insipid, mediocre, slow. What you see is what you get, don't expect to be dazzled. In my opinion your money would be better spent somewhere else.

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Very disappointing
By carol.bellavance of Langley (1 Review)
Submitted Tuesday, May 8, 2012 - 2:28pm [Dine in]

My daughter and I went to Kalma restaurant for lunch today as we had a $6.00 value coupon and had heard good things about the place.
We arrived at 11:40am and were sat by the window which was great. We ordered within minutes of our arrival. For her: a breakfast composed of eggs sunny side up and sausages with white toast. For me the soup of the day with a tossed salad.
Our coffees were served at once which was nice, but we had to wait 45 minutes for our food to arrive. Yet we saw customers coming after us and they got served within a reasonable time with big plates of food.
We asked for water, two glasses arrived 10 minutes later, we did not touch them.
The ambiance was nice, lots of customers arrived for lunch.
Our food arrived but it was not what we expected. My daughter's plate the eggs were almost raw, the yolk appeared uncooked and the whites were clear and runny, the sausage was cold and when she cut it, it appeared raw, being pregnant she did not want to take any chance and ate only the toasts, she got up to tell the server, as no one came to inquire if the food was to our taste and was told that they could re-make the plate if she wishes, but we were not willing to wait another 45 minutes
My food was not much better, while the salad was fine, the soup consist of plain chicken broth and boiled onions with a couple of carrot slices. I left it after trying a few spoons of it as it lacked in taste.
The server was not particularly friendly or caring, she did not know what the soup of the day was and did not know either if hash-browns came with the plate of eggs.
At the cash register we found out that we had to pay $18.84 in spite of the poor food and the coupon. My plate was listed at $7.59 and hers at $8.99. The server/cashier finally took off $3.00 as a favor from the total but as a result refused to honor the coupon.
We paid and left but we felt terribly disappointed from the experience and we will never go back there.

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Time to pull the plug
By RetiredGuy of Walnut Grove (18 Reviews)
Submitted Sunday, May 5, 2013 - 8:34am [Dine in]

We have been eating here for many years and through several owners. It used to be a good old fashioned restaurant with decent food, service and prices. Now it it just a restaurant with poor food. Never had a problem with any of the wait staff but a lot of the old timers are gone now.

We stopped in last Saturday while running errands. First appearances count and many, many specials are taped to the windows to attract customers. It is off putting. Service is so slow it is painful. Oddly, the place is often busy.

The coffee is awful, utensils cheap, a menu that offers far too many items. We were informed that a week day special is now available on weekends. We chose to have breakfast. My hash browns were so dry and overcooked I could have used them as sandpaper, cold too. Bacon was the same.

I was checking others plates and commented that the stove seems to have two settings. Off and burned. It was not all bad. The toast was OK.

It seems to be worse on each visit so the time has come for me to pull the plug on this place. It's too bad considering what it used to be.

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Great family restaurant
By Donnamae of Langley bc (1 Review)
Submitted Sunday, April 20, 2014 - 3:07pm [Dine in]

My fiancé and I go to this restaraunt regularity. We love it. The food is good, the service is great and friendly. We always have a good experience when we dine there! My fiancé is very fussy on how he likes his food cooked, and this restaurant is happy to accommodate. We always are treated with a smile, no matter how busy they are. The servers always treat my fiancé with respect. As apposed to some places , as my fiancé has C.P. And some people think that means because his body doesn't work well, that his brain doesn't either. I lve this place.

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