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324 West Highland Rd
Kitchener, ON N2M5G2
Tel: (519) 578-7827
Neighbourhood: St. Mary's Hospital

Other Locations

1.West King (1.7 km)
2.West Highland (1.7 km)
3.Frederick (2.2 km)
4.Westmount (2.2 km)
5.Home Depot (2.4 km)
6.Fischer Hallman (2.6 km)
7.South Ottawa (2.6 km)
8.South King (2.9 km)
9.East King (3 km)
10.Eastwood Square (3.3 km)

Nearby Restaurants

1.Topper's Pizza (0 m)
2.Pita Factory (2 m)
3.Mary Brown's (110 m)
4.Tim Hortons (186 m)
5.Twice The Deal Pizza (218 m)
6.Gino's Pizza (248 m)
7.Joey's Seafood Restaurant (271 m)
8.Baskin Robbins (271 m)
9.Angel's Diner (271 m)
10.Highland Halal Shawarma (291 m)