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Hansen's Classic Pizza

605 KLO Road, #5
Kelowna, BC V1Y8E7
Tel: (250) 860-7775
Neighbourhood: South Pandosy - K.L.O.


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If you like pizza like I like pizza
By FlyingJason of Kelowna, B.C. (1 Review)
Submitted Wednesday, August 7, 2013 - 8:58pm [Take-out]

If you like pizza like I like pizza, you will definitely love the sickest, bestest, choice-est, tastiest pizza in Kelowna, which as I found out today, Is ONLY at Hansen's Classic Pizza.

I used to work in an Italian deli that made pizza, I sacrificed my knuckles grating cheese for pizzas in my time, so I eat a lot of pizza, as it happens to be the greatest all around food ever. Taste, convenience, portability, texture (you're damn right, texture is VERY important in a pizza!)

Mark, the owner of Hansen's Classic Pizza clearly understands these things. The things that are required to make the perfect pizza. Let's start with taste.

Taste: It starts with the nose people, before it even gets in your mouth. The smell of this 100% handmade pizza with real ingredients fresh out of the oven is amazing. When it finally does make it to your mouth, you are rewarded. Big time. I noticed a lot of little taste details such as fresh garlic and even the quality of yeast that leavens the dough. These are things you do not notice in an ordinary pizza. I found ingredients that I would not expect like a sprinkling of coconut on a curry chicken pizza (YES- this exists and it is amazing). Folks we have the good chicken that tastes like, well, good chicken (all of the meats are prepared in house), we even have homemade perogies on the Perogy Supreme. Good stuff.

Convenience: Why yes, yes it is. And pretty damn quick too, cooking the pie HOT in a brick oven!

Portability: It is served in a pizza box. The crust is perfectly crispy, you should be able to one-hand it no problem.

Texture: Ah yes, the very judgmental point about a pizza's texture. People have been trying to get this right forever. Well, Hansen's got it right. When you make proper dough in house, use quality, fresh ingredients in the correct amounts, and make the pizza by hand before firing it in an actual stone pizza oven, you set your self up for success. This is what Mark does every day (except Monday- fughettabouddit), and he and his staff pride themselves on delivering the best. We have winner here folks.

If you haven't figured it out already, this stuff is the real deal. I tasted it for the first time today, it will not be the last.

By: FlyingJason, 2013

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