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Restaurant Inspection Reports

Restaurant inspection reports are available for all restaurants in Canada. We believe this is an important factor in determining whether you would want to eat at a restaurant or not. We make every effort to include a link called Reports on all restaurant listings which is a link to the restaurant's inspection reports. While 99% or more of restaurants take food safety seriously and this is reflected in their inspection reports, there are some that do not and this information is invaluable in avoiding these establishments.

Here is a list of all the health agency inspection report web sites:

Help us include Inspection Reports on all Restaurant Listings

To include the inspection report on a restaurant listing, you must insert the "Health Code" in the restaurant information. This can be done while submitting a new restaurant or suggesting changes to an existing restaurant.

The health code is not easily found so here are instructions to get it:

  1. Click on the appropriate link depending on the restaurant's location to visit the corresponding health authority's food inspection web site. The links are displayed when adding or updating a restaurant for your convenience.
  2. Search in the top left box for the restaurant; try using a small portion of the restaurant name if you cannot find it.
  3. Once you get the correct result, double check the street address and make sure it is correct. Right click on the restaurant name to open the link in a new browser window or tab so that you can see the URL in the URL bar of your browser. Because the web site is in a frame, this will be hidden if you do not follow this step.
  4. The Health Code can be found in the URL of the restaurant's inspection report page and will be slightly different depending on which health authority you are using:

    For Vancouver Health Authority, it will be all information at the end of the URL after the ?MAINID= portion. Example:


    The health code is: D5400137-85E3-11D5-A6A8-00104B766E16

    For all other health authorities, the health code is found after the &RestrictToCategory= portion. Example:


    The health code is: 1D9FD5688C8651E38825719B005C03D8

Thank you for helping us keep the restaurant listings as accurate and useful as possible.