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Mattson and Co

225 Locke St S, Hamilton, ON
Hamilton, ON L8P4B


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Mattson & Co, don't bother to go.
By MichaelGEats of Toronto ON (1 Review)
Submitted Friday, October 13, 2017 - 9:19am [Dine in]

If you’re ever bored on a Saturday night, come down to Mattson & Co for dinner, complain to the owner about some aspect of service you were displeased with… and prepare to witness an epic meltdown of Christian-Bale-on-the-set-of-Terminator proportions!
On September 16, my wife and I attended a birthday party for a friend. I asked if I could order a Sidecar cocktail, even though it wasn’t on the menu, and the waiter said he could make it. I ended up ordering two over the course of the evening. We were floored to receive our bill and discover we’d been charged $44 for my two drinks – almost double the price of every other cocktail on the menu.
We assumed there was an error on our bill, since it actually showed that I had ordered 16-year-old Lagavulin, so we spoke to our waiter. He got very defensive, said he had told us he was making the drinks with Courvoisier, and we therefore should have known they would be expensive.
We felt we had been overcharged – I’ve ordered Sidecars at much better establishments and they have never cost more than $10-$12. Hell, I’ve been to actual cocktail bars where multi-ingredient cocktails made by professional bartenders have cost less. This was a three-ingredient drink made by a waiter who looked no older than 16, and I’m being charged $22 for it? The fact that they did not even list the correct alcohol they used on our bill furthers our belief that we were overcharged.
The waiter refused to do anything about it. Feeling defeated, we looked at out $180 bill and caved. I handed the credit card over, and he handed the machine back to us with a price of $220. We asked why there was an addition, and he said there was an 18% gratuity added to the bill for large groups. At this point, we are beginning to feel really cheated. At the very least, we should not have to tip if we feel that the service could have been better.
The waiter refused to remove the tip and returned with the owner. We explained that we did not want to tip because we were unhappy with the service and felt we had been overcharged. He responded aggressively with, “The gratuity is written on our website.” When we said that we, as guests, didn't visit the website, he was unwavering in his stance that we should have reviewed his site before coming.
The owner then proceeded to start talking down to my wife, telling her it’s her fault that she didn’t know the price when the waiter stated the type of alcohol. He said he would never tell a guest how much something cost in front of their party, as it would be embarrassing and they “would never want to embarrass anyone with a scene” (said while yelling and causing a scene). Our friend and host began to grow impatient with the situation this owner was allowing to escalate. We decided to pay our bill with this outrageous tip on top, and let this die into nothing. We processed the credit card bill and it was done.
I turned to our friends and we began talking about the situation. The overbearing nature of this owner and his menacing presence - that we needed to pay it and there was absolutely nothing he would do for us. We were upset, paying this extra cost we wouldn't in our right mind pay, and we began a private discussion with our table mates.
The owner was listening to it and came over and inserted himself in our conversation, and this is when the evening went from being unpleasant to absolutely abusive on the part of Mattson and Co. He was now behind us, leaning over us and began saying “you can call me whatever you want, it’s not going to upset me.” He came close to us. Him being as comfortable as he was to be that physically close to my wife shocked me, and I was about to get up and put myself between him and my wife until he quickly walked away.
He continued to arrange tables about 10 feet away, yelling “She goes out and doesn't want to pay her bill! She wants things for free!” It wasn't my wife who ordered the drinks, they were mine. We also didn't dispute paying the bill in the end, we wanted control over the tip. This just goes to show his obvious inability to understand the situation, and to shoot first and ask questions later. This is all after he has received confirmation of payment. He has our money. He has essentially won, as we didn't want this to continue any further, yet he pressed on with his opinions and felt that we should know them.
A friend said to the table “Wow, well that's why I guess there are review sites...”, and the owner turned around, came back to the table, came up to my wife's face, and said “YOU CAN THREATEN ME ALL YOU WANT, DON'T FORGET ABOUT TRIP ADVISOR”, and walked away again. We responded with a promise to leave a review online about his restaurant.
Other guests got involved and told him he shouldn't talk to us this way or anyone to which he responded “SHE’S THREATENING ME WITH SOCIAL MEDIA”. My wife didn't even talk about anything related to social media, it was another at our table. His immediate assumption that the woman was the issue makes me think this man has issues with women (other reviews have hinted at this as well, citing several incidents of him being abusive towards female staff members in front of customers).
As he went back to his table and was throwing around napkins with cutlery in them, he yelled back to us “We have had bad reviews for 3 years, and it hasn't closed us down yet, so good luck, GOOD LUCK!”
We got up and left, and apologized to the guest of honor for this owner ruining her evening.
The Mattson & Co has underwhelming food, for the price you can get better quality at many other restaurants in the Hamilton and Burlington area. The owner’s obvious anger issues were on display in full force, and their lack of service leaves something to be desired.
The obvious robbery that they were trying to pass over on us and lack of basic customer service skills shows that the Mattson and Co is a mask of a trendy restaurant with the obvious underbelly of a corrupt and cash hungry management. Their blatant and unnerving ability to continue to press us despite us actually paying every cent they asked for, shows that they are greedy and abusive.
I am never going to risk my wife again by taking her anywhere near this establishment. I wouldn't wish what had happened to us on anyone, as it's completely unprofessional and barbaric.
If you want to take a date, your girl, or your friends out for dinner, I would suggest finding another restaurant, unless you like rolling the dice and taking a big risk to be on the receiving end of this front end staff and management. If you do end up going, being invited, or getting stuck going here, just make sure you know if they are adding extra money to the end of your bill. Also, protect your female company.

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