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Guelph Restaurant Reviews
Wings Up!328 East Speedvale Avenue, Guelph
Chicken wings with feathers!
By grace78 of Guelph, On (1 Review)
Submitted Thursday, August 9, 2012 - 6:00am [Take-out]

I have gone Wings Up for years- probably almost 15yrs when they opened in Kitchener. Back then they had WAY more flavors (like over 20+ flavors)and prided themselves on there wings,the wings were HUGE (like steroid huge!) there blue cheese dressing looked home made.
Well I guess the franchise monster changed them because recently we ordered a pound of honey garlic wings (they only have like 8 flavors to choose from) and when we got them home to eat I had a chicken leg that STILL had feathers in it. The feathers were sticking up plain view! The size of the wings were VERY small- Wings up is known for there huge wings and these looked like wings I could get at the grocery store frozen! I called up the store to advise them I found feathers still in my chicken and the young man blew it off like ya it happens all the time- sometimes the machine/company they get there chicken from doesn't get all the feathers. So I made a point if you see feathers (and they were long feathers) sticking out of the chicken why would you serve that to a paying customer- it was very obvious even with the sauce on it there was still feathers in this chicken. He couldn't give me a reason, he did apologize but no compensation for my feathered chicken I bought. And I complained about the size and he said Yes they noticed they were alot smaller... but yet they still cooked & sold them.
Usually our family LOVES Wings UP but this was a very disappointing experience.

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