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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

We will be updating this page regularly with commonly asked questions and answers.

Why has my review disappeared?

Dine Here removes reviews that do not follow our review submission guidelines. Every review is moderated to ensure that it meets these guidelines. Please read the review guide and feel free to submit your review again.

Is Dine Here affiliated with X restaurant or association?

No, Dine Here is NOT affiliated with any restaurant or association. We are a free service run by dining enthusiasts that makes a nominal amount of money from Google Adsense advertising. We do not accept money directly from restaurants however anyone is free to advertise on our web site using Google AdWords advertising.

Why do you have so many rules about posting reviews? This is censorship!

We do not want to censor your reviews. We are trying to maintain a fair and equitable balance between reviewers communicating honest information about restaurants and the restaurant owners. Due to legal issues, we cannot allow any review to be posted on Dine Here. Please respect our rules so that we can continue to display reviews immediately and not have to moderate them before they are posted.

What is the process for removing reviews and how do I report a review?

First you need to read the review guide and familiarize yourself with our removal process. Once you have read this, you will need to register an account on Dine Here. Below the review ratings, click the Report button and you will be redirected to the Report Review form. Make sure you specify why you think the review should be removed citing rules in the review guide. If you are affiliated with the restaurant, state this in your comments.

I would like to edit my review. What do I do?

Editing a review is not currently possible however this feature will be added in the near future. If you would like a review changed or removed, please contact us and include your username, restaurant, review title and the changes you would like made.

How do you determine what restaurants are in the top rated and most popular restaurant lists?

The top rated restaurant list is determined by the restaurant's overall rating with a minimum number of reviews to qualify. The most popular restaurant list is determined by unique visits to a restaurant listing in a 30 day period. It has nothing to do with the number of reviews that have been submitted to that restaurant.

Can you add <my city> to Dine Here?

If enough people request it, we will consider adding your city. Please contact us to request your city be added to Dine Here.