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Taco Time

9499 137th Avenue, #3008
Edmonton, AB T5E5R8
Tel: (780) 756-3500
Neighbourhood: Glengarry


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Worst experience of my life.
By Nomnomyum03 of Vancouver (1 Review)
Submitted Sunday, July 28, 2013 - 11:23am [Dine in]

I'm 20. I love taco time. And this problem could have been solved so incredibly easily. But no. The customer service here was the worst service I have EVER seen in my life. They're cheese tasted strange to me. An it wasn't just me who thought so, I asked a friend to try it as well and the three of us all agreed it didn't taste the way that it usually did. So I went back to the taco time and politely asked if I could trade the cheese chips in for plain ones. The woman asked what was wrong with them, I just said that they didn't taste the same to me as they usually do, and than her and her manager got really offended and started arguing with me! They did not try to help, they did not offer anything, they literally told me to shut up and called me an idiot. At this time I didn't know that the other girl behind the counter was the manager. I asked for the manager or anyone higher up and they said that it was just the two of them. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! They said that there wasn't anything wrong with the cheese, there was something wrong with me. How on earth could someone say something like that?! I honestly don't even know WHY they were so upset. I don't feel like I said anything wrong or hurtful to start the argument. In the end they refused to give me a refund or the plain chips, called me an idiot, told me to shut up, and wouldn't give me someone else to complain to. They were both equally rude and had a very irritating sarcastic tone the whole time. I'm not a violent person. I live working with people and feel bad when servers have to serve rude customers... But I don't feel that I was rude! I asked politely, smiled, apologized, than BAM! I look like the bad guy. I don't understand. All in all, everything about this place was horrible. The food was not tasty, the customer service.. Well.. I don't think those girls should be working at all. Not with people anyways. This has ruined tacotime for me. NEVER GO TO THIS LOCATION!!!

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