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Mr. Sub

7441 Roper Road
Edmonton, AB T3B3K9
Tel: (780) 468-4881
Neighbourhood: Varisty Estates

Other Locations

1.Crowfort Crescent NW (3.3 km)
2.14th Street (8.9 km)
3.Richmond Road SW (9.1 km)
4.Golden Acre Plaza (9.2 km)
5.16th Avenue NE (10 km)
6.4 St SW (10.3 km)
7.MacLeod Village (12.7 km)
8.32nd Avenue NE (14 km)
9.MacLeod Trail SE (14.7 km)
10.Forest Lawn (15.3 km)

Nearby Restaurants

1.Humpty's Family Restaurant (3 m)
2.Tandoor, The (9 m)
3.Tim Hortons (31 m)
4.Quiznos (92 m)
5.Lumberjack's Restaurant (165 m)
6.Taco Del Mar (198 m)
7.KFC (208 m)
8.More Subs (220 m)
9.Subway (339 m)
10.Sunrise Cafe (854 m)