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Mr. Sub

288 Londonderry Mall
Edmonton, AB T5C3C8
Tel: (780) 473-1558
Neighbourhood: Kildare

Other Locations

1.82nd (2.2 km)
2.137th (7 km)
3.109th (7.2 km)
4.East Edmonton City Centre (7.2 km)
5.118th (8.7 km)
6.Roper (12 km)
7.109th & 170th (12.3 km)
8.West Edmonton Mall, Phase III (14.2 km)
9.West Edmonton Mall, Phase I (14.2 km)
10.177th (16.2 km)

Nearby Restaurants

1.McDonald's (1 m)
2.OPA! Of Greece (1 m)
3.Extreme Pita (1 m)
4.Albert's Family Restaurant (1 m)
5.Subway (225 m)
6.Cafe Supreme (227 m)
7.Burger King (240 m)
8.Tony Roma's (306 m)
9.Edo Japan (341 m)
10.Arby's (341 m)