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Charlie Hamilton's Pub

1163 Pinetree Way, #1031
Coquitlam, BC V3B8A9
Tel: (604) 941-2359


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'A Perfect Saturday Night Recluse'
By samnch of Vancouver (1 Review)
Submitted Friday, March 9, 2012 - 5:26am [Dine in]

While the idea of Irish Pubs fascinates many and entices a few, the seductively elaborate history of pubs can be traced back to the ancient Roman taverns. Some may argue over the destructive aspects of Pubs, but no one can deny that for many, these late-night getaway spots offer an escape from the dismal reality that exists around us.

My friends and I have a rugby game every Saturday which is followed by a two-hour period of bowling and then the most awaited and cherished moment of Saturdays – an elaborate dinner which mainly focuses on relishing an insane variety of carbohydrates. So last week, after the bowling spree we went to the Charlie Hamiltons Pub – a place renowned for its magnificent sporty aura.

When we entered the restaurant, the mouth-watering aromas of the pizza, the pasta and the steaks benumbed all of our senses except our sense of taste. And from the moment we selected the food items off the menu to the moment the food arrived, we never ceased salivating. During this interval however, (which seemed laboriously long) we slightly examined the surrounding environment. The out-door seating thrilled us since we had been desperately seeking a cool, airy atmosphere to cool down our bodies after the intensive game.

And finally the food arrived! Since all of us are carb-maniacs, each of us had a double serving of pasta and several pizzas. The cold drinks (which were refilled several times over) formed the perfect combination with the food. The best thing about the food at Charlie Hamiltons Pub is that it is served piping hot. Moreover, the pizza crust is perfectly flavoured and expertly cooked. The topping is equally gorgeous in terms of taste. The succulent tomato sauce along with the aromatic anchovies and jalapenos is nothing short of perfection. The cheese layer topping on the pizza forms piano-like layers when one tears a piece off the entire circle.
The pasta was a huge hit amongst all of us. The chef had taken great pains to ensure that the pasta remains neither undercooked nor overcooked. This freshly cooked pasta was enveloped in a flavorful sauce and the entire dish had a soft gooey touch to it. The subtle taste of garlic and onion also added an irresistibly magnificent aspect to the pasta dish. We left the restaurant feeling an overwhelming sense of happiness and the profuse satisfaction of a night well spent, so I’d give the restaurant five stars.

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